Keinoh – Rock City Gal (Recap #SNMS No. 284)


Rock City Gal – Keinoh ft. Tucker HD & Gamit

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Keinoh Interview

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Rubaga, a suburb known for being home to some of the biggest names in Ugandan Hip-Hop has new blood in the form of a young rapper called Keinoh. He paid us a visit on the show last weekend to premiere his single “Rock City Gal” which features fellow Rubaga born and raised rapper, Tucker HD and Gamit.


This song was actually inspired by his girlfriend Susie, who happens to be from Tororo hence the reference to her as a “Rock City Gal” since Tororo is widely known for its rocky areas. With the production handled by Gamit, the song is tailored for a party/club setting with thick bass-lines and punchy kicks.

Tucker HD drops the first verse, employing a couple of varied punchlines to describe the girl that happens to be the “Rock City Gal”. Keinoh then takes over, switching between English, Luganda and Rutoro to describe the girl and also try to convince her that he’s the right choice.

Gamit brings some Jamaican patois flavor to the last verse and also does the chorus to give the song its catchy element. During our chat, the budding rapper told us that he plans on releasing an EP with this track, another version of it, a track called “To the Beat” plus a number of other songs.

He also told us a little bit about the earlier stages of his come-up, having started out freestyling in the high school dormitory on Friday nights and then going on to participate in the Vodafone WhatsApp Mania as one of the only two rappers in the competition.

He didn’t make it that far but got to meet Tucker HD through this and after some sharing, they teamed up with the dancehall singer/producer Gamit and did this version of his single “Rock City Gal”.

Download the single and make sure you share it with as many people as you can.