Klear Kut premiere their new single “Let It Rain”

The Mith, Navio, JB, Papito & Langman collectively form one of Uganda’s premier Hip-Hop groups that’s more widely known as Klear Kut. After the success of albums like “Mind, Body & Soul” and “K2” that spawned a number of significantly acclaimed singles like “All I Wanna Know”, “Superstar” and “Mon Coeur/Murder of Crows” in the early 2000s, a couple of the members embarked on solo careers and the group went into a long hiatus. With only a handful of singles released a few years back, the group recently came out and officially premiered the new single “Let It Rain” off their forthcoming album “bEastAfrican” on the show, with Navio and The Mith telling us more about what the group has been up to, how they work and what’s next.

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Listen to the Interview here

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Let It Rain – Klear Kut

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