KSL – Kafulu ft. Nutty Boi (Recap #SNMS No. 280)


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KSL Interview

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Joel Kisalu a.k.a. KSL is a rapper who has for a while been known as one third of the new rap group behind the single “Onjagazaki” that is called “Clansmen”. However, each of the members has a solo project they are working on and KSL is already 3 singles in, with the first two being “Night Lights” and “Respect (Mbookya)”.

He paid us a visit on the show last weekend to premiere his 3rd single titled “Kafulu” and we also had a chat about a number of other things. “Kafulu” is Luganda for “expert/professional”, basically someone who is really good at what they do and KSL went on to explain how this song is in a way a message to those that doubted his abilities as a rapper when he was just starting out.


“Kafulu” has a short electric guitar loop throughout the song that is reminiscent of that late 90s Neo-Soul sound but also has some dominant strings and synths coupled with a bouncy drum track that gives it that opulent Hiphop feel.

KSL raps while switching between English and Luganda quite fluently and he also enlists the help of Nutty Boi on the chorus who performs in a brief and impressive Reggae-influenced manner that borders on outlandish. During the interview, he told us that he has been working on an 8-track EP called African Childhood Stories with each track referencing an actual experience he has been through that should be out within two months.

He expanded on that saying that he has 2 tracks left, one featuring a Kenyan rapper called Massiah and another one called Nkomerero that are awaiting mixing and mastering. We also found out that the video for “Kafulu” is already being edited and will be out soon.

KSL is certainly one of the smaller names that are going to send some waves through the Ugandan rap game in the second half of 2016 so check out the track and share it as much as you can.