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Pull Up – Voltage

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Twijya – Fenrico Lugga ft Sagio Mhza, Truth

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Fenrico – Luggas – freestyle

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Patrobas Interview

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Road to CGOD download


Kent and Flosso are the 2 artists that form the dancehall duo Voltage. After 6 years in the Kawempe ghettos and 1 year of doing music professionally, the duo has landed a deal with the record label known as Sound Prints. They came through last Saturday and premiered their new song titled “Pull Up” with some crazy in-studio energy to compliment the track. They also told us more about their journey, the other tracks that they have released and the trip to Kenya that they’ll be embarking on soon to shoot the video for this song.

It had been over a year since Fenrico Lugga started trying to get his music on air and after a victory at the End Of The Weak hip-hop battle competitions, he participated in the most recent Hip-Hop Boot Camp by Youth and Hip-Hop Uganda. He eventually ended up on a track titled “Twijya” with Sagio Mhza and Truth which he officially premiered on the show last Saturday coupled with a mad on-air freestyle.

The Dustville Records rapper known as Patrobas had been quiet for a while and after having recently promised to put out an EP soon, he indeed made good on that promise and dropped the free 6-track release titled “Road to CGOD” in preparation for his mixtape titled “CGOD” that’s coming soon. He paid us a visit last Saturday and we had a chance to listen to a couple of tracks off the EP and talk more about the kind of music he wants to be doing, the pace at which he’s working and the overall climate in the Ugandan music industry in regard to Hip-Hop.

Check out the links above to download the songs, freestyles and snippets of the artist interviews.