Levixone releases the video for “Ani”

Ugandan Gospel music, especially on the urban scene has seen some really strong competition from the younger artistes and Levixone is certainly one of those that have been part of the talk for a while now.

He has the ability to make a song that has all the sonic characteristics of your typical radio hit single or club anthem or probably sounds even better but is a gospel song, something that a lot of music fans that aren’t very religious feel is necessary for gospel artists to achieve.

He has a new single out called “Ani” that happens to fit the above description properly. “Ani” which is Luganda for “Who”, is a song that addresses the issue of power, social hierarchy, the effects they have on people’s moral campus and the resulting injustices.


Produced by Pyret Beats for Fenon Records, the song has a slow and groovy Afrobeat-influenced sound with a pulsating bass track that really stands out.

The video for this single is out now and it is another one of those that puts Ugandan beauty at the forefront especially through the scenery. Directed by M Grate Pest for Grate Make Pictures, it features Levixone as a middle-aged man with a greying beard chairing a village meeting in the front yard of his home whose purpose is to resolve a dispute between two parties.


The video also has scenes with people acting out the lyrics where someone involved in the proceedings of the case is receiving a bribe. The director makes great use of drone shots to capture beautiful vegetation in the rural plains and also integrates some good ground level angles into the whole mix.

After Levixone preaching to the people, the money is given back and the aggrieved party reconciles with the other party. One thing I like about this song is the fact that Levixone doesn’t take the common praise/worship approach but rather shows how people gain a false sense of superiority because of what they possess or have access to on this earth forgetting that God is still the most high and eventually being led into sin.

The ongoing injustices and the dispute pose the question of who is really supreme and the eventual reconciliation emphasize the answer as God. Whether you’re a believer, atheist, agnostic, non-religious or whatever, Levixone’s “Ani” is definitely a good song with a good message, with or without the spiritual/faith bit of it.

Peace and love have never been unappealing so check it out and share it.