Lilian Mbabazi – Yoola (Recap #SNMS No. 276)

Lilian Mbabazi

Yoola – Lilian Mbabazi
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Lilian Mbabazi Interview
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Lilian Mbabazi surely had a good year in regard to 2015, having released some big hits and had her first solo concert and after a lengthy break, she is back with new music. She joined us on the show last weekend to premiere her new single titled “Yoola”.

Lilian Mbabazi’s “Yoola” in detail.

“Yoola”, which is Luganda for “pick up” is a love song as defined by Lilian that was written by Ray Signature and produced by Nessim for Badi Music. The song leans towards the Zouk-influenced sound that she has had on earlier tracks such as “Kuuma Obudde” and “Memories”, which makes it a good one to dance to for the typical Ugandan party crowd.

Lilian told us about having worked on about 16 tracks for a new album called “African Soul” with the bulk of the production being handled by Abaasa, which she says focuses more on an old and forgotten sound that is still good. She said she hopes to have some music from it released before the end of the month.

She also said that she’s working on another project that caters more to the people that like the African sound on the singles mentioned above. This project is about 8 tracks in with a couple of features from the likes of Tonix and Rema.

She did mention that she doesn’t plan on doing a concert this year because she feels she isn’t yet in a position to give people one that would be a distinct and memorable experience and not just a concert done simply because she has had one successful on before.

Despite that fact, Lilian is back to doing regular live performances with her band having started a new night at Zone 7 last Friday which will be recurring for every Friday. For now, check out and share “Yoola” as you wait for all the other 24 tracks that are still in the vault.