The Lyricist Team – Tomba Wala (Recap #SNMS No. 288)

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Tomba Wala – The Lyricist Team
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Ugandan Hip-Hop has seen a number of groups/duos becoming active on the scene this year and one of the newest names we have is The Lyricist Team. Comprised of the rappers behind the Uganda Lyricist Lounge i.e. Qreaus, Jungle Da Maneater, SP Omugunjule, B-Trabol & B.C. (Before Christ), the team paid us a visit on the show last weekend to premiere their new single titled “Tomba Wala”.

“Tomba Wala”, which is Luganda for “don’t be far” is a dance-themed song produced by Imon and recorded at Boogie Empire. The song has an evident African touch both in its sound and the artists’ performances. Each rapper delivers a verse in a different language from Uganda with B-Trabol rapping in Rukiga (Kigaflow), Qreaus in Runyankole (She-flow), Jungle in Lusoga (Lusoflow) and SP Omugunjule along with B.C. rapping in Luganda (Lugaflow).

In this song, each rapper is basically trying to tell a girl he’s interested in, in a night-out scenario to stop being elusive and come closer.

The five rappers had spent some time without appearing on a track together but still working on personal projects with B-Trabol having an already finished album, Qreaus having a steady campaign of singles, B.C. and SP collaborating on tracks like “Ondiisa Bubi Sente” amongst others.

They have also been involved in other Hip-Hop-related activities especially outside Kampala that have more to do with teaching and passing on skills to the younger members of the communities. During the interview, they told us that they are already working on another single and that they will be resuming the Lyricist lounge events soon.

When it comes to diversity in dialect on songs, the Lyricist Team is one the few acts that really deliver excellently. Go check out their new single, share it with a friend and be on the look-out for more of their projects.