Madoxx Sematimba releases a new “Namagembe” video

Monday is never too early for a throwback, especially if it still sounds better than the latest music on the scene, has a new twist to it and was done by a legend like Madoxx Sematimba. If you’ve lived in Uganda or followed Ugandan music for a long time, you definitely know that in the year 2000, the veteran Reggae artist, Madoxx Sematimba released an album called “Tukolagane” which spawned a single that would go on to become one of his most acclaimed songs and a very popular classic amongst Ugandan music lovers.

The song is called “Namagembe”, a Luganda name that is usually given to girls, and on this one, he talks about a girl he was once with who is now in a place that is quite distant. He sings smoothly with his voice playing between cheery and sad.

In recent months, Madoxx has re-appeared on the music scene, mainly doing live performances at events such as the Bayimba International Festival, Blankets & Wine and the recently concluded Qwela Junction: Crooners Edition, and the love he’s getting is not any less than it was when this song had just been released.

Madoxx Sematimba

In response to the rekindled interest in his music, Madoxx put a new twist to this old gem by shooting a new video for it which is out now. The video uses a simple but artistic approach. The bulk of it features Madoxx jamming with a band in an old, slightly dilapidated storage house, with younger talent like MoRoots on the keys and Manana F. Birabi on the electric guitar.

Madoxx Sematimba

We can also see a boy and a girl in different locations, with one of them making small love-themed drawings on paper that morph into a supernatural form hovering over the city to convey a message to the other.

Madoxx Sematimba

This was definitely a nice way to get the dust off this record and set it on a journey to inspire and influence future generations so check it out and share it with both the young and the old.