How to make it as an artist without a manager


In the beginning stages of an artist’s music career, the biggest thing an artist manager can offer you is the chance to focus on your music. A manager also handles the business side of the artist’s career and with their strong contact list, they connect you to different shows, promoters, agents, press, and assist in development of the relationship between an artist and their fans.

Lately with the rise of music downloads and peer-to-peer networks the music industry has taken a whole new direction. The gap between the artists and their fans has been bridged. So the business model of managers linking artists to their fans had changed, implying that fans and artists now have more control and more power over the music. So if fans and artists have more control and power, what do managers have?

Tips on how to work without a manager:

-In the early days of your career you are only performing for a short period of time, use the time off stage wisely. Start timetabling yourself. Do this so that you can know when to perform which role.

-Devote 60% of your time to practicing, writing new songs and recording. Use the rest of the time to network and get to know people who can help you e.g befriend people who know how to speak so that you learn how to negotiate with promoters, producers, etc.

-Think big, to my knowledge no one has been arrested for it yet. Artists only fail to work without managers because they lack the persistence and drive to keep pushing.

-Book gigs yourself, arrange tours yourself, radio plays, promotions, merchandise, EVERYTHING. The only person that truly cares about your image and your music is you. Build contacts and heavily network, after all, a manager is only as strong as their contact list.

Word of mouth is still the best form of promotion and for all the contacts a manager has, fans power has a far greater influence in the grand scheme of things. So you don’t need a manager, you need fans! Make it happen because you’re in control.

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