Mal-X features in the new film “New Intentions”


Recently, we hosted the rapper Mal-X who premiered the track “Finally Found” that features Suspekt 92 and was produced by Simon Elly. During the interview, we learnt about a lot of things including the EP that the three are working on and the fact that Mal-X is also a spoken-word artist.

Seeing as the show is mainly about music, what we didn’t get a chance to go into is Mal-X’s career as an actor and his work thus far in the Ugandan film industry.

Mal-X’s acting career.

He recently featured in a new film called “New Intentions” that premiered at the Uganda National Cultural Centre (National Theatre) on the 3rd of May. For those that didn’t know, Mal-X has featured in a couple of other short films that have been produced locally.

These include “Silent Depression” and “Crafts: The Value of Life” that were both produced by George Stanley Nsamba in 2015.

“New Intentions” follows the story of a young girl adopted by some bankers because of the huge inheritance in her name and all the evil scheming that follows after that.

“Silent Depression” is a film about a 20-year-old guy who’s facing a midlife crisis and decides to go on a self-discovery journey in a crowded city.

“Crafts: The Value of Life” follows a 19-year-old Shafi as he meets up with Pesh to discuss their relationship problems and is reprimanded for his childish behavior originating from the crafts he picks up on his way that become a focal point.

By now, you know how good Mal-X is as a rapper so it’s time to find out how good he is as an actor. By the way, if you love spoken word, you’re in for a treat when it comes to “Silent Depression”. Check out the films below and make sure you share them.

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