MarthA SmallZ – “Can We” (Recap #SNMS No. 269)

Martha Smallz

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MarthA SmallZ is back. The artist that most of you know as the lead vocalist and one half of the group AirporTaxi joined us on the show and premiered her new single “Can We”.

Prior to this, Martha and Airportaxi as whole had been on a hiatus from releasing music with their last single as a group being “So African” and Martha’s last single being “Questions”, her first song as a solo artist.

Much as the group is still together, the members have been focusing more on their solo careers with “Can We” being the first release from the body of work she is sitting on.

“Can We” is a blend of R&B and Neo-Soul with a hint of Reggae. The song’s superior production is courtesy of The Samurae from Talent Africa, with the additional mastering work by Dawoo at Audio Central Kampala.

MarthA SmallZ on “Can We”.

On this song, Martha sings about an ex-lover that she is still interested in. She goes on to reminisce about how things were and asks whether they can get back together and have it like it was before. The line “Can we make love” in the chorus does a good job at making what she missed the most about the relationship known.

Martha talked to us about the challenges of adjusting to working as a solo artist, especially the fact that there is no one else to bring light to a song if her performance is sub-par.

She also told us about how some of the experiences she has been through during the break have helped her mature as an artist and that with this new single, she feels much closer to where she was trying to be.

We also found out that she has at least 6 songs awaiting mastering, about another 16 already done, and that we are going to be hearing more from her frequently. Check out this new song and make sure you share it (especially with your ex).