Martha Smallz: How it all started

Martha Smallz

For the month of August, Martha Smallz is our artist of the month and we are going to bring you a piece about her each week of this month. This time around, we are going to take a little trip down memory lane and tell you about how it all started, right until the point Martha dropped her first single as a solo artist.

Martha Smallz started out singing in church fellowship and at her high school assembly with her classmates where they did presentations for the other students. Music, Dance and Drama (M.D.D.) competitions were compulsory in her school and so she always took on singing roles for the house she belonged to during the competitions.

When her senior six vacation started, she signed up for a talent competition organized by Talent Africa which went on for roughly three months with numerous knockout stages. After doing a rendition of Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low” in the final round of the competition, she eventually came out as the winner in the singing category.

During this competition, she got to rub shoulders with a number of established artists including the Klear Kut members and winning, she got signed to Talent Africa along with two finalists in the rap category, Tucker HD & Llyboc under a group that came to be known as Airportaxi.

Martha Smallz
Back in the day before Martha had a number of songs of her own.

Martha Smallz quickly started doing work including some backup vocals on Navio’s “One and Only” as her first collaborative contribution on a song. She went on to perform on the single “Airportaxi Party” as part of the group Airportaxi, which was one of the first songs they recorded as a group amongst other less known ones such as “We Them” & “To The Music”.

After a long hiatus that followed the release of her first single “Questions”, Martha is back to putting out work as a solo artist consistently with her latest singles being “Can We” and “Ono”. Go check out these tracks and assess the progress she has made as an artist since her first recording (it’s quite significant by the way). Don’t forget to check out our next post about Martha this coming Friday.