Martha Smallz talks her next release & performances

Martha Smallz

Our artist of the month for August is Martha Smallz and we’ve brought you her latest music and some information about her career so as we wrap up the month, let’s put it all together and talk a little bit about what lies ahead.

Martha Smallz has released two singles this year, “Can We” and “Ono” both produced by The Samurae for Talent Africa. This is all in preparation for her forthcoming solo album which she says is to be released sometime next year.

In her own words, “The ultimate goal is to release the album early next year, hopefully before June or at the very least, a body of work in the form of an EP”.

On her next single and video projects Martha said “The plan is to release another single titled B.A.E. soon as well as source income to shoot some videos in the near future”. For a long time, Martha Smallz hadn’t been doing live performances but ever since she resumed releasing music regularly, she is back on the stage.

Martha recently performed at the Club Mega Fest alongside her fellow Airportaxi member, Tucker HD and she is set to perform alongside Lilian Mbabazi and The Sundowners on Friday 26th (which is tonight by the way) at Zone 7 in Mbuya.

Martha Smallz

Whether you’ve been a fan of Martha Smallz since she got signed or since she dropped her first single of the year, her music definitely sparks curiosity about how it would sound when performed live so you should go and support.

Just as we’ve done this month, we shall have an artist of the month for September and that means we will be bringing you some content from him/her every Friday of this coming month. Who will it be? Visit the site next Friday to find out.