Martha Smallz: A visual journey through her work

Martha Smallz

By now you probably know that we’ve started recognizing one particular artist each month as our artist of the month and for August, that happens to be Martha Smallz. We’ve so far brought you a couple of pieces on her including one on her latest single “Ono”, “5 things you didn’t know about her” and one about the start of her music career.

Today, we bring you a couple of videos of songs that she has performed, covered or been featured on. First off is one of Airportaxi’s more popular singles “Airportaxi Party”, an uptempo party track performed with Tucker HD & Llyboc, with the video work handled by ArkMenz.

This video was followed by another fairly fast-paced love/dance song titled “All The Way” with her fellow Airportaxi members, directed by Onoh.

Around that time, Martha Smallz also featured on one of Flex D’Paper’s most successful singles, “Shutting Down Towns”

The group later on released another single that took a different direction, a love song that was a much slower blend of Hip-Hop & R&B titled “808s and Heartbreaks”, giving Martha a chance to exhibit the versatility in her singing.

More recently, she has been on the “triple A” collaboration by Airportaxi, A.Y. and A Pass titled “So African”, a dominantly Afrobeat track with a hint of Dancehall.

As a bonus, here’s a video of Martha Smallz covering Henry Tigan’s “Abogezi”.

Martha Smallz has been putting in a lot of work since the last Airportaxi single “So African” and with two singles already out this year and more coming up ahead (according to her), you should definitely keep your fingers crossed for a couple of more videos.

For now, check out these videos, get acquainted with the work she has been a part of and don’t forget to share the music with the next person.