Last minute guidelines for Maurice Kirya’s concert

Maurice Kirya

Maurice Kirya a.k.a. the king of Mwooyo has prepared the #KiryaLive2016 a.k.a. Last Supper for all of us to enjoy. The concert is taking place tomorrow Friday 29th July at Kampala Serena Hotel. I am excited to attend this concert because Maurice Kirya’s songs + videos have a lot of creativity and I am waiting for him to put that creativity on stage.

Maurice Kirya

Maurice Kirya has prepared some guidelines for everyone who is coming for this concert. Read them carefully and make sure that when tomorrow comes, you follow them to the dot.

-Press up against the stage, why pay money and not be closer to the magic? Touch the stage if you have to, you’re the boss.

-High heels are hot, but when it comes to the part of dancing, dance your heels off.

-Pee-lease, pee as early as you can, some of these performances evoke bladder abnormalities due to the intensity of the show.

-Tell your boss in advance that you will be sick on the 29th July, and if you think your boss might attend, slash his car tyres two hours before show!

-If your girlfriend acts too cute to party every time you take her out, this is not for her, tell her you’re going out of town, but slash her car tyres two hours before the show

-Buy your ticket sooner, last minute things can be embarrassing at the gate when you’re with your lover

-Bring flowers for the King, he’ll personally pick them from you as soon as he gets on stage, consider it a bribe.

-Charge your phone

-Bring spare underwear!! Like… seriously, spare underwear!!

-Sing as loud as you want, this is a party, sing along and follow Kirya’s lead.

-We said it the last time, and we’ll say it again, no dogs allowed.

-Carry loose change for drinks, the waiters can get overwhelmed by everything.

-You know that friend of yours that doesn’t enjoy anything good but criticizes too much, slash those car tyres two hours before…

-If you want to scream, scream and we’ll scream with you, cry and we’ll cry with you, laugh and we’ll ask you what’s so damn funny. Go get your ticket as soon as possible then come and let us enjoy like it’s the last supper!

By DJ Slaughter Elly