May 2016 UG Urban Music Roundup

Urban Music

With the growth of Ugandan Urban Music, more and more Ugandan artists are coming up with incredible music that we cannot afford to ignore. Every month, we hear new music releases from all over Uganda that sing in any Ugandan language.

As unacceptable to the market as this was a few years ago, it is now being widely recognized and welcomed leading to an increase in the amount of new music from Uganda every month.

Major UG Urban Music releases last month:


This is an EP released by Young Cardamom & HAB, a rap duo that many did not believe would make it past their KANDA (chap chap) song. It is a 6 song EP with a lot of character, very good production and amazing lyrics.

My favorite song off it is OBULAMU for its rich informative lyrics plus, it is easy on the ears. My next favorite song is CHOTTI BAHU and I’ll tell you why, I feel like they (YC & HAB) paid tribute to both their roots through this song. Go get the EP! It is only 15,000/= at Definition, Acacia Mall. You can also listen to it here.


Martha is part of the group, Airportaxi. Although we have not heard much from them lately, clearly they have been working on solo projects and this song is one of the products. It is Martha like we have not heard her before. The song is simple, great production, come-to-bed-babe lyrics and outstanding vocals. You can listen to this song here.


Like I said, Ugandans are now embracing music in all Ugandan languages. This is a song in Lumasaba by a female rapper. She sounds smooth and although I cannot understand a lot of what she says in the song, I love the feel of the song and appreciate its production. Check out the song here.


Naxa is a member of the Hidden Empire collective and last month, he released this song on which he preaches against conforming to some of the societal norms. The track was produced by Rix and has an interesting bounce to it coupled with some conscious lyrics to set you on a good path. Listen to the track right here.

  1. YAH MAN – A PASS:

A Pass has consistently put out very good music. YAH MAN is his latest song released just a few days ago but already being accepted by the market as requests for it have started coming in. Its production is the kind that lifts your mood and makes you want to go out and dance. You can listen to it right here.


A song with an incredible line up that you immediately know what to expect from the song. One is a rapper, one is an instrumentalist and another is a Jazz/RnB artist. I see this song “staying around” for a very long time. You can listen to it here.

We had some other activities happening in UG Urban music for example, we saw some videos come out last month, one from BEBE COOL for his KI EKIGANYE hit and another from CEASEROUS for his NICE AND GOOD hit plus KEKO released her LOVE FROM VENUS mixtape! Will let you know all about it once I listen to it.

Ugandan urban music is going places.

Written by Salmah.