Mediocrity, a disease eating up Ugandan artists


Ugandan artists have a problem of getting stuck in their comfort zones. This can be because some of them have accumulated wealth, gigs in and out of town, nice looking ladies, etc. However this doesn’t mean that as an artist, you should sit back, chill and stop making music, which is how very many artists end up being one hit wonders e.g. Captain Dollar of Emmesse.

When you get comfortable, you stop thinking about your progress as an artist without even realizing it. I know very many other artists who seem comfortable, but I won’t mention other names since all of us take criticism differently. Many artists will die before we seem them unleash their full potential.

Ugandan artists fighting mediocrity.

This is why I like and treasure an artist like A Pass. If this guy doesn’t drop a brand new jam within a month, you will hear that he is working on a collabo, his Facebook and Twitter accounts are ever active updating you on what’s happening in his life, he will keep uploading quality artwork for his songs and gigs, etc.

This is proof that beyond the music, the lad is pushing hard and trying to be better every day! Here are some tips on how you can jump out of the mediocrity zone.

– As an artist, what keeps fans wanting you is your ability to give them good music. So keep making that music and keep it coming.

– Be very creative while making your music such that your songs are distinct. Fans like it when an artist goes to the extremes and surprises them with a track that is not similar to all of his/her old tracks.

– Tweet, tweet and tweet. As an artist, your social media pages need to be very active because this is where your fans and other people can interact with you and know you aside from your music.

– Create good artwork for your nights, shows and all songs produced. This increases the FOMO for whatever you are bringing and hence people will know you’re pushing and aiming for the highest. Time waits for no man so get out of your comfort zone and make things happen!

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