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Kings & Queens – MoRoots

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MoRoots Interview

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A lot of people that have heard of MoRoots before probably know her as one of the singers in Qwela band. The multi-talented singer/songwriter who also happens to be an incredible saxophonist and pianist has a considerable amount of work outside the band most of which tends towards Soul and R&B including a few collaborations with some Hiphop artists.

She visited us on the show last weekend to premiere her new single titled “Kings & Queens”, a song which I believe is evidence of her massive evolution as a creative. “King & Queens”, which was produced by Roy The Drummer is slow song with a couple of soundscapes that resemble those commonly used in Electronic music.

MoRoots on “Kings & Queens”.

On this song, MoRoots sings about African pride and during the interview, she shared with us about having written this song a couple of years back after some of the bizzare encounters she had with some white people during her stay in the U.K.

She talked about how many of them were surprised when they learnt that a good number of Africans had access to the same amenities that they did and weren’t living in primitive conditions. She also addressed the issue of the inferiority complex that many Africans have in regard to white people and the fact that they aren’t very proud of their native culture and traditions, which they should be.

MoRoots told us that she is in the process of working on an album with a trio called Souldeep that she is a part of along with Roy and Martin, which should be out soon. She also said that she is working on her own album through which she hopes to express her random thoughts and feelings and that it should drop later this year.

If you like listening to music by people who actually know how to sing, you should definitely check this track out and share it.