A visit from Moze The Beatboxer (Recap #SNMS No. 282)

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Moze The Beatboxer Interview
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If you follow Ugandan Hip-Hop closely and pay attention to all the different parts, you’ve probably heard of Moze The Beatboxer. Moze is the self-proclaimed king of beatboxing in Uganda and last weekend, he paid us a visit on the show to showcase his skills and tell us a little bit about his journey.

Moze The Beatboxer started out hanging around participants, eventually participating in the Breakdance Project activities around 2011 and after trying out beatboxing at some of the events they put together, he was sponsored for a trip to Italy to hone his skills and he returned having improved tremendously.

Moze went in depth about his sound and the various specialties that different beatboxers venture into when they adopt this art, from percussion to bass and scratching.

Having done most of his work within the Hip-Hop circles, Moze talked to us about how he ended up on a journey to take beatboxing beyond the underground Hip-Hop sphere. He has already taken strides in this direction seeing as he recently performed at Ziza Bafana’s last concert.

He also told us that he has a performance lined up for Eddy Kenzo’s next concert. When Moze The Beatboxer isn’t beatboxing, he spends a great deal of time teaching at the Sharing Youth Centre in Nsambya every Monday and Wednesday. In addition to that, he teaches at Luzira Upper Prison and has taught at San Patriano in Riminy, Italy.

Just to let you in on a couple of other things you didn’t know about Moze The Beatboxer, he also doubles as an actual kickboxer, trained in both boxing and Taekwondo. Moze is also quite skilled when it comes to dancing.

If you haven’t seen Moze The Beatboxer in action, check out the special he dropped live on the show last weekend and make sure you share it. You can also check out a couple of videos of him beatboxing right here.