Mr. Styles releases the video for his single “Woman”

A while back, we hosted a reggae artist on the show called Mr. Styles from the Gagamel crew. He premiered his single titled “Woman”, a song which celebrates women while detailing the hardships they go through to contribute positively to society.

Mr. Styles told us that he had a whole campaign for his music already in motion with a number of songs awaiting release, videos on the way and even some live events to top it off. He also shared with us about life as a Rastafari.

Mr. Styles’ approach for the video.

Sure enough, he is already fulfilling some of his promises. The video for the single “Woman” is out now. The video tells the story of the woman in his lyrics who leaves the rural villages with her young son in search of a better life.

It follows her, detailing her journey as she goes on to do different odd jobs including washing clothes. The video also shows the mistreatment she goes through working for certain people. As the story progresses, she later on saves up enough money to set up her own stall selling fruits and vegetables.

The story culminates with her at the top, as a successful urban lady who is able to afford a good education for her son along with other things. In a time where a lot of videos are guaranteed to have women do nothing other than dress in skimpy clothes and look seductive or twerk and do other dances of an erotic nature, this video brings a breath of fresh air.

So ask yourself, how often do you watch reggae music videos? How often do you watch videos of songs celebrating women? And how often do you watch a music video by a Rastafari? There it is, you already have 3 reasons to watch this video so check it out and do share it with a friend.