Navio releases the video for his single “Njogereza”

We all know by now that Navio is one hardworking rapper. With the campaign for his album “The Chosen” still running, singles off the album still being released (the latest being “Throne“), he went back to studio to record more music.

Over the years, Navio has put out a number of songs that are heavily influenced by Kiganda traditional music like Nawuliranga, Leka Kwenyumiriza and Kigozi. He recently teamed up with Paddy Man again after they had worked on the dominantly Luganda track “Mbamalawo” and came out with a new one called “Njogereza”.


Navio in Njogereza.

Njogereza is a song where Navio talks about how he is trying to woo a rich man’s daughter that has him smitten. The production leans heavily towards traditional instruments including the tube fiddle and he sings and raps almost entirely in Luganda throughout the song.

It has been doing the rounds on numerous radio stations that cater to different audiences which isn’t easy to achieve as a Hiphop artist in Uganda and the video is out now. It features Navio in a Kanzu moving through the green “outdoors” to get to the girl’s home. The story is complimented by Kiganda traditional dancers and another set of dancers executing simple but interesting choreography.

The video also has a number of light moments thanks to an appearance by the veteran comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi who plays the role of the girl’s father. Amooti takes Navio through a series of hilarious tasks to test him and figure out whether he is really the right man for his daughter.

It’s always refreshing when artists on the Ugandan urban music scene momentarily step away from western music trends and put forward their cultural heritage and everything native to their origin in their works of art. This is exactly what to expect from the “Njogereza” video. Check it out and share it with the next person.

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