Naxa – Chosen Generation (Recap #SNMS No. 268)

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One of the members of the Hidden Empire collective, a rapper called Naxa joined us on the show last Saturday to premiere his new single titled “Chosen Generation”. He also talked to us about the message that he is trying to convey through this song, his faith and his future plans music-wise.

Chosen Generation in depth.

“Chosen Generation” is a bouncy Hip-Hop track that relies heavily on synthetic bass with the production handled by Rix from Amplified Records. On this song, Naxa talks about a group of people (a generation) that refuse to bow down to the things people idolize and doesn’t simply conform to any preset standards in our society today.

He went on to tell us how this is a mentality that is inspired by the stories of Daniel, Shadrach, Mesach & Abednego from the Bible. As an advocate for change, Naxa says he applies this in not just the way he makes his music, but also in other aspects of his life.

Naxa, a biotechnology student who was born again about eight years ago shared with us a little bit about the contrast in his life before and after being born again. He talked about having quit gambling and drinking and how he later realized that they were all things he could do without.

The rapper who by the way had an immunology paper the morning after the interview talked to us about the hardships of juggling university studies with a career in music. He also told us that he plans to release an EP by the end of June.

During the Hidden Empire interview, we got to find out that a number of the members had solo projects that they were working on and this track is the first that we’ve had a chance to listen to. Check it out and make sure you share it.