NTM (Ntinda Movement) drops the Panda RMX video

There’s a resurgence of a lot of trends in music that had slowly faded, like the rap crew/group/mob and amongst the ones living up to their name in Uganda is NTM, short for Ntinda Movement. Comprised of the likes of Mickey SoLow, H.A.B.O., Bemba and the self-proclaimed mayor of Kampala, Pryce Teeba, these guys don’t fall short when it comes to representing Ntinda, one of the most popular suburbs in Kampala.

NTM recently recorded their own version of Desiigner’s international hit “Panda” and their performance really brought out that allure one usually gets when consuming the work of an underground group on the rise.


From lines about insufficient airplay to “cash on delivery” for performances and snippets of their social status and subsequent experiences as up-and-coming rappers from Ntinda, these guys paint clear pictures of their stories without even narrating actual anecdotes.

They recently teamed up with Inner Heights Pictures and produced a video that is reminiscent of those 90s gangsta rap videos (Mobb Deep, Lost Boyz…) where it’s all about the rappers and their “crew”. Shot mainly on a rooftop in the trading area of Ntinda, the video is largely in monochrome and has some great camera work with sweeping shots of the sunny/cloudy sky and the surrounding buildings.

The whole crew is atop the building and occasionally breaks into wild dance routines with a little dabbing sprinkled in there. The video also has a couple of other brilliant shots including one in which the teams plays with the lighting settings and the rappers appear as silhouettes dancing in slow motion.

NTM is definitely one of the Hiphop groups to watch out for, with the members already contributing to singles like Pray, M.O.N.A. and having numerous solo mixtape projects already out and other solo and collaborative projects on the way. They are definitely one of the best we have when it comes to Kampala’s version of street music.

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