The Nyege Nyege International Music Festival is back

Nyege Nyege

The Nyege Nyege International Music Festival is back and it’s bigger this time. For those of you that don’t know what festivals are all about, I’ll put it simply, variety. Whatever kind of festival you go to, you should leave when you’ve had a number of varied experiences and that is exactly what Nyege Nyege intends to offer.

Nyege Nyege

The Nyege Nyege International Music Festival is set to take place from the 2nd to the 4th of September at the Nile Discovery beach in Jinja. Aside from the music, the festival will be offering a variety of dishes when it comes to the food courtesy of a partnership with Yujo Restaurant and there will also be a boutique with artists’ works, clothes and other merchandise.

If you plan on attending the festival, you can either pay for accommodation near the venue or come with your own tent and set it up in the free space. Tickets to the festival go for UGX60,000 for a 1-day ticket, UGX150,000 for a 3-day festival pass (at the door) and UGX120,000 for 3-day pass including free camping space (pre-sale).

So far, at least 80 artists have been confirmed and here are some of the Ugandan acts that will be there: Blessed san, Nilotika Culture ensemble, Lady Slyke, R.P.V. The Dons, West Nile Fusion Band, DJ Henry, Waka Starz, Otim Alpha, Albert Ssempeke, Swordman Kitala, The Undercover Brothers, Ras Brown and Ras Clan, DJ Nesta, Yallah MC, Fonkodelis Arkestra, Dark Meme, DJ Rachael, Boutique, DJ Kampire, Wakaliwood, Young Cardamom & HAB, The Golden Star band, Echobase, Body of Brian, Jasty, Black Bandana and DJ Crisio.

There will also be numerous artists, DJs, producers and bands from different parts of Africa and off the continent. If you want to have a music experience that is significantly different from your usual night out in the nightclub or at a concert, you should definitely go for this festival.

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