O.P.U. – Arua Girl (Recap #SNMS No. 276)


Arua Girl – O.P.U.

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O.P.U. Interview

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It had been a while since we last heard from the rapper O.P.U. but he’s officially back with some new music. For over a year, he was involved in a couple of projects including the Maisha Superstar competition and later on, he sat down with the Thunderbolt Production team to iron out the details of a deal that they would later get into.

One of the first products of this deal is his new single titled “Arua Girl” which features the singer and producer Andy Muzic and was produced by Aethan, a guy whose name keeps popping up almost every time an artist premieres a good song.

O.P.U.’s “Arua Girl” in detail.

“Arua Girl” is an Afrobeat-inspired dance track with a prominent West African feel to it. It focuses on the theme of love and more specifically, courtship, marriage and wedding. O.P.U. told us that he made this track with the women from Arua on his minded, claiming that they hadn’t really been well represented in his music prior to this.

This song also has additional music from a band including trumpets that were laid over the track after Aethan’s work was finished.

O.P.U. told us that during the time that he was re-strategizing, he decided that he wouldn’t do music if there wasn’t a good cause beyond himself that he was being a part of through the music. He talked to us about another non-musical project that he is involved in, where he combines all the major activities he is into and tries to find a way to help those that are also into them to go further with them.

He is running a project called Project R.I.C. (Reading Is Cool) to do with reading, helping students to sharpen skills such as story-writing, public speaking and a lot more, with a focus on Ugandan stories. He talked about the need for Hiphop artists to do some self-education and hold debates on how to get people to invest in Hiphop.

He also talked about the perfectionist in him getting in the way of the release of his debut album “Half Street Half Corporate” and that he plans on giving us more music this year so check out his new song and share it.