Mr. Styles releases the video for his single “Woman”

A while back, we hosted a reggae artist on the show called Mr. Styles from the Gagamel crew. He premiered his single titled “Woman”, a song which celebrates women while detailing the hardships they go through to contribute positively to society.

Mr. Styles told us that he had a whole campaign for his music already in motion with a number of songs awaiting release, videos on the way and even some live events to top it off. He also shared with us about life as a Rastafari.

Mr. Styles’ approach for the video.

Sure enough, he is already fulfilling some of his promises. The video for the single “Woman” is out now. The video tells the story of the woman in his lyrics who leaves the rural villages with her young son in search of a better life.

It follows her, detailing her journey as she goes on to do different odd jobs including washing clothes. The video also shows the mistreatment she goes through working for certain people. As the story progresses, she later on saves up enough money to set up her own stall selling fruits and vegetables.

The story culminates with her at the top, as a successful urban lady who is able to afford a good education for her son along with other things. In a time where a lot of videos are guaranteed to have women do nothing other than dress in skimpy clothes and look seductive or twerk and do other dances of an erotic nature, this video brings a breath of fresh air.

So ask yourself, how often do you watch reggae music videos? How often do you watch videos of songs celebrating women? And how often do you watch a music video by a Rastafari? There it is, you already have 3 reasons to watch this video so check it out and do share it with a friend.

DJ Slaughter Elly – Major Lazer Power Hour

Major Lazer Power Hour Download
Download Major Lazer Power Hour

Listen, I think Major Lazer are the biggest and most trending DJs/Producers right now. The other day I was playing at some club and an hour into my set, I had received more than 10 requests for their tracks.

About Major Lazer.

Major Lazer is an American electronic music group originally created by producers Diplo and Switch, with Switch having left in 2011 and Jillionaire along with Walshy Fire staying on. They have explored different styles of music, integrating EDM into other genres such as Dancehall, Reggae and Reggaeton among others.

The group has three albums out, “Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do”, “Free the Universe” and “Peace is the Mission: Music is the Weapon”, released in 2009, 2013 and 20015 respectively. They have also released a number of EPs and collaborated with many big artists including Pharrell Williams, Fuse ODG, Snoop Dogg, Nyla, Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal, Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul, T.O.K., Rita Ora and many more.

Major Lazer has steadily gained a reputation for making the kind of tracks that always ignite the crowd and get everyone dancing when they are played. They will also remix your favorite track and make you like it even way more than you ever thought you would.

Last Saturday on the show, I decided to do a one hour mix in which I put together the best Major Lazer tracks since 2009 so check out the mix for an electronic blend of Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Reggae. Don’t forget to share it with a friend.

1. Bubble Butt – Major Lazer ft. Bruno Mars, Tyga & Mystic
2. Lean On – Major Lazer & Dj Snake ft. MO
3. One Wine – Machel Montano And Sean Paul ft. Major Lazer
4. Boom – Major Lazer & MOTi ft. Ty Dolla sign, Wizkid & Kranium
5. 5.Light it up (Remix) – Major-Lazer Ft Nyla & Fuse ODG
6. Party Shot (Major Lazer x ETC!ETC! Remix) – Popcaan
7. Watch Out For This (Bumaye) – Major Lazer ft. Busy Signal, The Flexican & FS Green
8. Come On To Me – Major Lazer ft. Sean Paul
9. You’re No Good – Major Lazer ft. Santigold, Vybz Kartel, Danielle Haim & Yasmin
10. All My Love (Remix) – Major Lazer ft. Arina Grande & Machel Montano
11. Bruk Out – Major Lazer ft T.O.K. & Ms thing
12. When You Hear The Bassline – Major Lazer ft. Ms Thing
13. Skelewu(Remix) – Davido ft. Major Lazer & Wiwek
14. Differentology (Major Lazer Remix) – Bunji Garlin
15. Pon De Floor – Major Lazer ft. Vybz Kartel
16. Doh Tell Meh Dat (Remix) -Major Lazer, Junior Blender and Flipo
17. Jah No Partial – Major Lazer ft. Flux Pavilion
18. Blaze Up The Fire – Major Lazer ft. Chronixx
19. Roll The Bass – Major Lazer
20. Keep Cool – Major Lazer ft. Shaggy & Wynter Gordon
21. What U Like – Major Lazer ft. Amanda Blank & Einstein
22. Number One- Major Lazer ft. Grandtheft

Baru drops the “Young King” EP (Recap #SNMS No. 266)

Baru – Young King Download

Baru Interview Download

Download Baru Interview

Baru is a music producer at the Ntinda-based Dustville Records who has slowly gained prominence over the last few years especially on the Ugandan Hip-Hop scene.

He is the producer behind the “ReDefinitions” project and songs such as Ruyonga’s “Ride”, Pryce Teeba’s 2015 Hip-Hop anthem “Side Zeno” and more recently, High Society Music’s “Asetulalumu” amongst many others. After putting in some hard work for a lot of artists, he decided to work on an EP of his own called “Young King” which he released 30th April.

Baru’s approach to “Young King”.

He joined us on the show last Saturday and we had a chance to listen to a couple of songs off the EP as he told us more about the whole project. The EP has 7 tracks lasting a total of 18 minutes and 44 seconds which makes it really easy to listen to.

The EP’s sound leans more towards Hip-Hop and R&B, fusing some African elements into it. It has a great deal of 808 drums, snare rolls, fast hi-hats, hypnotic soundscapes (synths and what not) with just a little electronic influence.

Young King comp front

It features artists such as Sitenda, Kevin Abuka, Abaasa, Ivory Namara, Dell Boy, Play01, Sanyu Sings, Love Child, Pryce Teeba and Patrobas, with production handled by Baru himself.

Baru broke down the thought process behind this EP, telling us how it is meant to tell his story thus far as a music producer, his experiences, struggles, achievements and so on. He tried to keep a “no rules” approach to the project, with many of the songs not having the exact typical chorus-verse-chorus structure and length that many of the other songs we usually listen to.

The EP is available as a free download but one can get an exclusive CD copy from the Dustville Studios so get it, listen and share it.

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Swahili Nation – Right Stuff (Recap #SNMS No. 266)

Swahili Nation – Right Stuff Download

Download Right Stuff – Swahili Nation ft. A Pass

Swahili Nation Interview Download

Download Swahili Nation Interview

I first heard about Swahili Nation a few years ago and it was one of those “Oh! Those are the guys that did that song” moment. I had heard their songs like “Malaika” and “Hakuna Matata” much earlier but didn’t know that it was them on those tracks.

Swahili Nation is a pre-dominantly R&B and Hip-Hop group consisting of Ken Daniels, Charlie King and Drew. After their initial success in the 90s, they took a long hiatus from releasing music as a group but later came back. Their most recent effort was the single “Loco” which was released around September last year.

Swahili Nation on “Right Stuff”.

They also made it known that they were working on a full album and last Saturday, they premiered the latest single off it titled “Right Stuff” that features A Pass. “Right Stuff” is a mid-tempo Afropop song with a hint of dancehall elements that give it that dancefloor vibe, with the mixing handled by The Samurae.

On this song, the trio sings about the kind of girl who has all the right attributes to attract a man, with the main focus being her dance moves. Ken Daniels and Charlie King also talked to us about the reasons that slowed down the process of making the album and also their concert.

They explained how it can be tricky maintaining a reputation as the artists that always offer rich lyrical content in a time when many of the trending songs lack it and people seem not to care. They also shared with us about the struggle to remain a big name and put out music that is relevant having been in the industry for so long with a huge part of their success attained much earlier.

If you want proof that Swahili Nation has always had it, download the song and make sure you share it.


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Mal-X – “Finally Found” (Recap #SNMS No. 265)

Mal-X & Suspekt 92 – Finally Found Download

Download Finally Found – Mal-X & Suspekt

Mal-X Interview Download

Download Mal-X Interview

For those that don’t know, Mal-X is a Ugandan rapper, spoken word artist and actor. With one mixtape to his name, he was still one of those young Ugandan rappers that I didn’t pay that much attention. That all ended when I listened to his verse on the Twawambye cypher which oozed lyrical prowess.

Before I could start searching for more of Mal-X’s music, he was already at our doorstep. The rapper paid us a visit last Saturday to premiere a new track titled “Finally Found” which features Suspekt 92 and was produced by Simon Elly a.k.a. The Soultan.

Mal-X and the EP.

During his interview, with Suspekt 92 and Simon Elly also present, we came to learn that the track is a teaser for an EP that is to feature all three of them. “Finally Found” undoubtedly sounds like a 90s head-bobbing Hip-Hop track, with a sample from the 80s. The track has two verses, one from Mal-X and one from Suspekt 92, with both rappers sounding really vicious.

Mal-X also gave us a sample of his spoken word side and hinted on possibly starting work on an album after the collaborative EP is out. Simon Elly shared with us about the song’s sound being rooted in his desire to offer something different from the trending mainstream Hip-Hop sound (code for anything Trap and DJ Mustard), which he feels has become too much.

He also indicated that he will soon be starting work on an album featuring a number of rappers with the production being handled by him. If you like that hardcore 90s Hip-Hop, this track will definitely work for you so download it and share it with a friend.

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TYLER Himself – “Some Mo” (Recap #SNMS No. 265)

Tyler Himself – Some Mo Download

Download Some Mo – Tyler Himself

Tyler Himself Interview Download

Download Tyler Himself Interview

Tyler Himself a.k.a. “The African Dancehall Hero” a.k.a. “Every Gyal Pillow” is a Ugandan dancehall artist that has been behind a couple of tracks including “Saawa”, “Fire”, “Tell Me” and “Bikula Ekintu”. Having completed his studies in Coventry, he decided to focus more on making music. While on holiday in London, he re-did the song “Tight Skirt” by Samantha J as part of a project with Washroom Entertainment.

Tyler Himself in Uganda.

He later came back to Uganda and last Saturday, he joined us on the show to premiere his new single titled “Some Mo” which he calls a blend of Dancehall and Afrobeat. He informed us that he is working on a mixtape called the “Patois” mixtape with half of it (5 tracks) already done and having videos.

Tyler also talked about how he’s not yet ready to put out an album because different people have different perceptions of music and he’s trying to tailor his music to the Ugandan market. He said he has enjoyed the Ugandan scene more because mistakes are allowed and there’s room to try out more things.

He also talked about competition and what sets him apart from the rest, claiming that a lot of the Ugandan artists who claim that they do dancehall music actually don’t, going on to explain the difference.

After letting us know that Shabba Ranks and Bob Marley are some of his influences, he went on to elaborate about how he came to be drawn more towards Sean Paul. He said that he found the music videos of Shabba Ranks and other old Ragga artists a bit too nasty while Sean Paul’s were less explicit making him more appealing.

You can listen to his new single, download it and share it with a friend. You can also have a look at the video right here.

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The Made In UG concert by Benezeri

Benezeri is one the rappers that one would consider part of the “new skool” of Ugandan Hip-Hop but his track record is more like that of an established long-standing rapper. With two albums out (“I’m Benezeri” and “Champion”), and over 10 singles released since 2013, he sees no reason to rest just yet.

Benezeri’s journey to “Made In UG”

Towards the end of 2014, Benezeri kicked off the campaign for his new album with the well-received single “Abeyo” following it up with “Togwamu Suubi”, “Ndiwabulijjo” and most recently “Give me Love” whose video is now out too. He has also worked on projects under the rap collective “Clansmen”, featuring on their single “Onjagazaki” and numerous collaborations with other artists.

Like in the past with the track Zuukuka that was complimented by a social awareness campaign and a call to help the needy, Benezeri also had another campaign complimenting one of his singles “Togwamu Suubi” that conveyed a message emphasizing perseverance/endurance in whatever you do in pursuit of your dreams.

He has also had his fair share of live performances since then including the “Tale of two cities” where he performed at two different venues on two consecutive days. Just like he did with his last album, Benezeri plans on having an album concert for his forthcoming album which he has titled “Made In UG”. The concert is to take place on Saturday May 14th in a black-tie event at UMA Showgrounds (Madhvani Hall) starting at 8PM.


Ordinary tickets will go for UGX20,000 while VIP tickets will go for UGX100,000 and they will be on sale soon. If you want to get a taste of what the next wave of Ugandan rappers are cooking, you should definitely attend this concert. For those who haven’t been keeping tabs on Benezeri for a while, you can check out some of his latest work by following the links on this page.


Navio releases the video for his single “Njogereza”

We all know by now that Navio is one hardworking rapper. With the campaign for his album “The Chosen” still running, singles off the album still being released (the latest being “Throne“), he went back to studio to record more music.

Over the years, Navio has put out a number of songs that are heavily influenced by Kiganda traditional music like Nawuliranga, Leka Kwenyumiriza and Kigozi. He recently teamed up with Paddy Man again after they had worked on the dominantly Luganda track “Mbamalawo” and came out with a new one called “Njogereza”.


Navio in Njogereza.

Njogereza is a song where Navio talks about how he is trying to woo a rich man’s daughter that has him smitten. The production leans heavily towards traditional instruments including the tube fiddle and he sings and raps almost entirely in Luganda throughout the song.

It has been doing the rounds on numerous radio stations that cater to different audiences which isn’t easy to achieve as a Hiphop artist in Uganda and the video is out now. It features Navio in a Kanzu moving through the green “outdoors” to get to the girl’s home. The story is complimented by Kiganda traditional dancers and another set of dancers executing simple but interesting choreography.

The video also has a number of light moments thanks to an appearance by the veteran comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi who plays the role of the girl’s father. Amooti takes Navio through a series of hilarious tasks to test him and figure out whether he is really the right man for his daughter.

It’s always refreshing when artists on the Ugandan urban music scene momentarily step away from western music trends and put forward their cultural heritage and everything native to their origin in their works of art. This is exactly what to expect from the “Njogereza” video. Check it out and share it with the next person.

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Herman Basudde lives on through “Bus Dunia”

You’re probably wondering who Herman Basudde is? Have you ever asked yourself what music was like in Uganda (way) back in the day? Before all the sleek computers and mobile phones. If you don’t know what was going on, here is a little bit about the late 80s and early 90s period. First things first, people still made music, and it was just as good as some of the music of today or even better.

One of the types of music that was popular, and still is today was Kadongo Kamu. If you’re Ugandan, you’ve probably heard this term before and for those that don’t know what it is, it is a genre or style of music that blends Country and Folk with the singing commonly done over music from one dry acoustic guitar.

Herman Basudde on Bus Dunia.

Herman Basudde was without a doubt one of the biggest artists that ever did Kadongo Kamu music. One of his most acclaimed and popular songs is called “Bus Dunia”. On this song, he talked about his experiences using buses for transportation in a manner so elaborate you can’t help but wonder whether it’s all a metaphor for something else.

He managed to remain so descriptive while telling the story, a skill that Kadongo Kamu artists have excelled at over the years, which is one of the things that make this song very interesting. The music is simple throughout the song, not employing too many unnecessary instruments hence leaving as much focus on the story as possible.

After listening to this song, you’ll definitely appreciate how skillful the Kadongo Kamu artists were at packaging and conveying a certain message in their songs and why the late Herman Basudde is probably one of the best that ever did it in this genre.

If you are young and want to know more about the history/evolution of Ugandan music and eventually be able to “show off” or if you are one of the old ones and you want to reminisce, “Bus Dunia” is a must-listen for you. Make yourself a cup of tea though, this is one long song. As usual, don’t just sit on the gem, share it with a friend.


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Abaasa releases the video for his single “Run Away”

If you follow Ugandan urban music closely, you probably know who Abaasa is by now. The budding singer, drummer, songwriter and producer who is known by many for his first single “Ntegyerize” released his debut mixtape titled “Rukungiri” a while back.

The mixtape spawned a couple of other great songs including “Simanyi” and the dominant track “Run Away” whose video he has finally released. Abaasa has a considerably experimental, out-of-the-box approach when it comes to his production style, borrowing from and fusing contemporary R&B, Afro-House and Neo-Soul amongst other genres. This is a practice that has evidently spilled over into his video projects.


Abaasa’s approach to Run Away.

The video for “Run Away” paints a picture of a kind of love that is becoming more of a myth with each day that passes by. In an era where the possession of massive material wealth is one of the major forms of motivation for marriage, with people getting more superficial, it is not common for a woman to leave a man at the altar, especially if he looks like the dream man and it’s the dream wedding.

This however is what happens in the video as the bride seeks solace in her childhood sweetheart, choosing inner qualities over everything else. Directed by Savy Filmz’s Sasha Vybz, the video is rich in color and is about the quality of the visuals just as much as it is about the story. If you are a romantic, if you believe in true love, this video is a must watch.

With the video of Run Away out now, Abaasa has surely cemented his position in the Ugandan music industry as one of the new artists that are pushing the boundaries when it comes to sound and everything else that compliments it.

Check it out and do share it with a friend.

DJ Slaughter Elly – Peter Miles Vs Redsan Mix

DJ Slaughter Elly – Peter Miles Vs Redsan Download

Download Peter Miles Vs Redsan Mix

DJ Slaughter Elly is at it again. It is public knowledge that Ugandans love to party, the kind of partying where you dance until morning.  Some of the most dominant genres on the Ugandan nightlife scene are Reggae and Dancehall without a doubt. Our neighbors in Kenya also have a strong Reggae/Dancehall culture and for years, both countries have put out a bevy of dancehall anthems/hits with some being collaborations by artists from both sides.

With Uganda having artists like Peter Miles, Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, A Pass, Rabadaba amongst many others, and Kenya having Redsan, E-Sir, Mr. Googz, Mr. Lenny, Madtraxx, Nameless to mention but a few, East Africa has had its fair share of fire when it comes to Dancehall.

This eventually raised a couple of questions. Who are the kings of Dancehall in Uganda and Kenya? The answer to this, Peter Miles for Uganda and Redsan for Kenya. After that, we couldn’t help but wonder, “Who of the two artists has put out better Dancehall tracks over the years? Did one of the two just copy a style that was originally developed by the other?”

DJ Slaughter Elly’s take.

As usual, we had to answer these questions the best way we can as DJs. DJ Slaughter Elly, who by the way believes that Redsan is better than Peter Miles did a one hour mix on the show last Saturday containing some of the best Dancehall tracks done by the two artists to back his opinion.

We hope that by the time you are done listening to this mix, all the questions above have been answered clearly. Remember, it’s never too late to have your say so let us know who you think is better in the comments section or tweet us your opinion. Check out the mix, download it and don’t forget to share it with a friend.


1Der Jr premieres “Mama Africa” (Recap #SNMS No. 264)

1Der Jr – Mama Africa Download

Download Mama Africa – 1Der Jr

1Der Jr Interview

Download 1Der Jr Interview

For those that may not know who 1Der Jr is, he is the Ugandan rapper who has been on the scene for quite while now. He is the artist behind the tracks “Drogba”, “Kampala” and “Tebatusobola”. After taking a while to properly analyze the Ugandan music industry and how it works, 1Der Jr recently decided to resume releasing material.

The rapper is back with a new single called “Mama Africa” that features Andre and Charlene. He joined us on the show last Saturday to release the song and we also got to know more about the ideologies and philosophies that he keeps in mind as he comes up with new music.

“Mama Africa” is an up-tempo track leaning towards an Afro-Beat style on which 1Der Jr raps in three languages (English, Luganda and Runyakitara) praising Africa for its natural beauty and emphasizing unity irrespective of one’s country of origin on the continent.

The chorus bears additional vocals from Andre in a dancehall style with some backing from Charlene and production by Aethan. It’s basically a song with a good message that can also get you dancing and is meant to set the tone for his forthcoming project as he said.

1Der Jr’s beliefs.

1Der Jr also shared with us about how his relationship with God is a major influence in the way he creates his music, his mission to inspire and edify when it comes to culture, and also the calculative steps he is taking to package his music in a way that makes it worth consuming for both the Ugandan listeners and those elsewhere.

You can listen to a bit of his interview and also download his song. Once you have it, talk about it and definitely share it with as many people as you can.

To download, right click above and choose “save as”.

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High Society Music – Asetulalumu (Recap #SNMS No. 264)

High Society Music – Asetulalumu Download

Download Asetulalumu – High Society Music

High Society Music Interview

Download High Society Music Interview


High Society Music is a rap group that consists of Mainest, Larry, Humphrey and 8th Wonder 256. The year was 2012, the place, a dormitory at St. Mary’s College Kisubi. Armed with a flash disk containing about 200 instrumentals, they started playing them on the dormitory stereo system and rapping over them to make songs.

High Society Music in detail.

4 years later, they are in their S.6 vacation and much as they warm up for university to take on programs like Architecture, Quantitative Surveying, Mass Communication and Business, they aren’t sleeping at all. Having dropped the single T.G.I.F. a while ago, they are back with a new single called “Asetulalumu” which features Benezeri. They came by for the show last Saturday to officially premiere the track and tell us more about themselves.

As the group elaborated, Asetulalumu is a track about the kind of guy who excels at whatever he is down for, be it making music, partying or anything in between. The production was handled by Drift with some extra contribution from Baru Beatz and bears some dynamic percussion with an opulent orchestral touch.

Apparently, they started out as Retarded Music but later dropped the name and decided to go with High Society Music. We also learnt that they have a remix for their previous single T.G.I.F. coming out at the end of this week and it features Tucker HD and Mal-X. The group also has a mixtape on the way called “Dorm Room Inspiration” and they will be holding a release party for it on 20th May.

We don’t get to hear a lot of new music from different Ugandan rap groups regularly so you should definitely savor this one. Check out a portion of their interview, download the track and make sure you share it.

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DJ Slaughter Elly – Who Sampled Who mix

Last week as I was having a some beers in my local kafunda, I started thinking about sampling.

Sampling is when an artist takes a vocal snippet or a music loop from Old Skool song (especially those that were big hits) and repurposes it for use in their own song. For example J. Cole’s track “Adolescence” samples 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G’s “Running”.

It takes some real mastery to pull it off well. Many sampled songs are are ish ish. Their quality doesn’t come close to the original.

The use of samples is of course different from covers, even thought the two are mistaken a lot. In covers, an artist sings the same words and may use the same instrumental too. Covers are mainly used by reggae and dancehall artists. There are very few hiphop artists that do covers.

Since us DJ’s talk with our hands, I decided to perform a mix I have called #WhoSampledWho during my set on #SNMS this past Saturday.

Take a listen below and let me know what you think. Tracklist after the jump.

Download Slaughter Elly – Who Sampled Who (70mbs)

To download, right click above and choose “save as”.


SNMSLive VIDEO: JC Muyonjo – If we Try

Ladies and Gents, our very first SNMSLive video: JC Muyonjo – If we Try.

The UG urban music scene is complex.

It is well known to us here in Uganda that we don’t have a characteristic “sound” like they do in other parts of Africa (at least not one we like to publicly acknowledge – kidandali anyone?).

We regard countries that do (Nigeria and South Africa in particular) with a touch of envy in this regard and we see this lack of character as a symptom of the one of that absolute worst of Ugandan traits: that we are copycats, not innovators.

This, we say, is why we have all these patois-speaking dancehall artists who’ve only seen Jamaica on their TVs. And all these where-Brooklyn-at rappers with confusing New-York-via-Kawempe accents.

Whether or not that’s true is a debate for more intelligent people than I. I, instead, prefer to look at the situation from another angle.

You see, the fact that we are such good “copycats” means that whatever your musical taste, you will find a Ugandan that makes it.

And makes it well!

Step up to the stage Mr JC Muyonjo.

He, like many UG urban artists, started his musical journey in church, and his music can be probably be best described as Afro-Soul – although with all of today’s genre-blending, who knows what that means.

SNMSLive VIDEO: JC Muyonjo – If we Try

“If we try” is smooth, it’s mellow and in case you thought all music these days is bend-over-n-show-me-how-you-twerk, it carries a message.

Watch the video for more.

This SNMSLive video is something we hope to do a bit more of here. Because we are such a mixture of styles in UG, our artists need as much help pushing good songs as we can give them.

Download the video (using the link underneath the video) and share with your friends, especially the UG urban music skeptics.

Let’s let the world know that although we may not have a characteristic sound here in Uganda, we have plenty of style. 🙂

The Producers’s Credit via TheTribeUG

By Josh SB:

In this current generation, a producer is an artist himself by just staying behind the desk and using his hands to speak/talk/sing. Producers should just brand themselves in order to get the recognition they are looking for because unlike other genres, I think hip-hop globally has tried to push n promote producers.

Interesting read, you can read the rest over on the TribeUG

TheTribeUG should be on your daily read list by the way.

March 2016 UG Urban Music Roundup

Here’s the March 2016 UG Urban Music Roundup:

St Nelly-Sade’s CRAZY MAD 9 min Freestyle!

Before we get to friend-of-the-show St Nelly-Sade’s crazy mad 9 min freestyle, this was a actual reason he dropped by the SNMS studios on Saturday:

More vim – St Nelly Sade ft Black Boi & Jhay Efekt


A collaboration with Ghana’s Black Boi & Jay Efekt and Urban Aksent music, this is one of the few tracks St Nelly Sade will be working on this year. His main focus will be on the End of the Weak battles later in the year, news of which we will bring you as soon as it comes available.

Download More vim ft Black Boi & Jhay Efekt (3.2MB)


ST Nelly-Sade’s CRAZY MAD 9 min Freestyle

While he was with us in studio, he also did this…

Tip: If your internet connection is slow, it might take a while to load, but trust me it’s worth the wait. Grab yourself a coffee, get a rolex and settle in nicely before pressing play.

Download St Nelly Sade’s Crazy Mad 9-min freestyle (9mbs)

To download, right click above and choose “save as”.

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Ting Badi Malo ReUP – Flex D’Paper x Khaligraph Jones x Chris Kantai (Recap #SNMS no. 262)

The Ting Badi Malo reUP is a proper today track.

Is impossible to not compare this “ReUp” with the original Gidi Gidi Maji Maji track from the mid 2000s. That was over a decade ago(!) and East African music was in a very different place.

The original Ting Badi Malo had a very obvious party vibe. It was the Kenya’s answer to Fatmans Scoop’s ‘Be faithful’. The message was simple and straightforward: let’s party!

Who cared what they were saying in the middle!

(By the way, I always heard something like “KetchemanaPing Tokemanaka, ting badi maloooo!” – which I’m sure is a little bit not quite correct.)

Fast forward ten years, here comes the reUP,and boy oh boy it’s mean!

Ting Badi Malo ReUP – Flex D’Paper x Khaligraph Jones x Chris-Kantai

Download Ting Badi Malo (3.3mb)

Khaligraph Jones and Chris Kantai created a track that is almost the polar opposite of the original, and that is a great thing!

The 2004 track coaxed and encouraged you to join the party.

The 2016 version doesn’t give two flying fucks whether you join in or not. The party will go on regardless.

Ting Badi Malo ReUP

Flex d’paper represents UG with aplomb. There is a certain skill needed to flow on a beat like this and Flex nails it.

Download and share, people. Download and share.

ShemyB – Ebilango ft Kalibba (Recap #SNMS no. 262)

ShemyB’s Ebilango ft Kalibbba comes out of Port Bell Drive Music, and we seem to get a new quality track from that outfit every week!

The latest is a lugaflow rapper called Shemy B, who told me on SNMS that he as been out there for quite a while, although I must admit I only heard of him a few weeks ago when he submitted his tracks to us via this site.

(That’s more of a fault of ours, by the way)

In any case, ShemyB was not kidding. He already released his debut project, Street Identity, last August, and is firmly committed to his music hustle. On Saturday night he was on his way to shoot a video after our interview and he dropped this track.

ShemyB – Ebilango ft Kalibbba


Download Ebilango Ft. Kalibba

You can find copies of Street Identity at Port Bell Drive music studios in Mutungo, at Pool Nest in Kireka and at the National theatre.

Of course you can also get in touch with Shemy B on his Twitter and Facebook pages or call him direct on: 0704993090