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#SNMS No. 262: This weekend on the show

This weekend on #SNMS, it’s the first Saturday of April so we shall be playing strictly Ugandan music on the show.

#SNMS Guest Line-up

St. Nelly Sade will be joining us to premiere his new single titled “More Vim” that features Black Boi from Ghana and Jhay Efekt.

The rapper Shemy B will also be in studio with us for the release of his single called “Ebilango” which features Kalibba.

Flex D’Paper recently appeared on the remix of the track Ting Badi Malo by Khaligraph Jones which he will be premiering on the show this Saturday.

The show starts at 8PM on RadioCity 97FM and you can listen in online at

Canaan Gents & an ATCQ tribute [Recap #SNMS No. 261]

Canaan Gents Interview

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Phife Dawg Tribute
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Last Saturday on SNMS, the Canaan Gents paid us a visit at the Radiocity studios.

If you haven’t yet heard their latest song titled “He Lives”, you can get it right here.

Canaan Gents interview and a tribute to Phife Dawg

Plus, as a tribute to Phife Dawg, the legendary member of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest, who passed on last week, we did a special mix of a couple of the groups best tracks.

So if you are as serious a hip-Hop fan as we are, or if you want to learn more about what Hip-Hop was like back in the day, download the mix and share it with your friends.

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This weekend on #SNMS no. 261

It’s Easter!

And in keeping with the spirit of the season, we are hosting gospel acapella group, Canaan Gents for the premiere of the new single titled “He Lives”.

If you don’t know about Canaan gents, shame on you!

We will also be paying our respects to Phife Dawg by doing a 1-hour special Tribe Called Quest mix,

The show starts at 8PM on RadioCity 97FM, for the online listeners.


Big Tril drops the video for his single “Sumo Mi” featuring Ujay

The rapper Big Tril without a doubt had a good 2015, with the campaign for his forthcoming album “Trilogy” including the very successful single “Pretty Girls”, in addition to “Sumo Mi” and “Batuwulira”. The rapper hasn’t fallen short when it comes to the video side either, going as far as getting airplay on continental TV channels like MTV Base Africa. Keeping up the hard work in 2016, he has finally released the video for his afrobeat/dance-themed collaboration with Ujay titled “Sumo Mi”.

Check out the video and don’t forget to share it.

Canaan Gents usher in the Easter season with their new single “He Lives”

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He Lives Download
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A while back, the acapella group Canaan Gents joined us on #SNMS for the release of their single titled “Sing”.

They went on to follow it up with “Azaalidwa” and another song called “Nkwagala” that features Benezeri in an effort to become a dominant voice on the Ugandan Gospel scene through acapella releases and live performances at weddings, corporate events and other events.

If you thought they were about to slow down, you’d be very wrong! They have released a new single titled “He Lives” just in time for Easter.

Listen, download and share the track with a friend.

Radiocity’s McKenzie interviews Anne Kansiime about her debut one-woman show

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Anne Kansiime Interview
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From humble career beginnings with Theatre Factory, the actress/comedian, Anne Kansiime has been on an upward journey in the field of comedy for a while now. After appearing on several TV shows like Barbed Wire, U-Turn and MiniBuzz on NTV, all while still performing with Fun Factory, she has continued taking major leaps in the comedy industry that have led to her having her own TV show “Don’t Mess With Kansiime” on Maisha Magic.


Having become a Youtube sensation and performed at shows across Africa and overseas, the looming question, just like with many other successful comedians has been “When is she doing a solo show?” That time has finally come as she will be performing solo in the “I Am Kansiime” show at Imperial Royale Hotel this Thursday at 7PM.
Anne came by RadioCity to chat with Mckenzie last Sunday. Check out the audio below:

Recap: #SNMS No. 260

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Young-Cardamom-HAB – Wabula Naawe


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Young-Cardamom-HAB Interview


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Mr. Styles – Woman


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Mr. Styles Interview


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Byg Ben & Sharon Sento – Khenisisakule


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Byg Ben & Sharon Sento Interview


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This past weekend we hosted the eclectic duo of Young Cardamom and HAB, two rappers who you might remember from their “Kanda Clap” single form late last year. Their latest effort is called “Wabula Naawe” which they premiered on the show last Saturday. They also told us a little more about their future plans that include the release of an EP about two months from now.

There is a number of artists putting out Reggae music in Uganda and among the few that are doing it right is an artist called Mr. Styles. The Gagamel Crew member paid us a visit last weekend and premiered his new single titled “Woman” which celebrates women by pointing out some of the vital roles they play in society. Mr. Styles also talked to us about what lies ahead including new tracks, live recording, music videos and also shed a little light on life as a Rastafari.

A short while ago, we hosted a rapper called Byg Ben along with her cousin Sharon Sento from Mbale who premiered their single “Ndolelele” that has been quite a success so far. We also hosted TheWeezy, the producer behind this single for a breakdown of the process of its creation. Byg Ben has since released the Ndura EP, off of which he premiered his new single titled “Khenisisakule” on the show last weekend, a track on which he teams up with Sharon Sento and TheWeezy again. He talked to us about the meaning of this track, the journey since the release of “Ndolelele” and different experiences performing in his hometown and in Kampala.


The Milege World Music Festival

For those that have heard of Milege before, you probably know it as an Afro-Jazz band and for those that haven’t, Milege is more than just an Afro-Jazz Band. Milege is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting performance arts in East Africa through staging and supporting entertainment events with a strong emphasis on the preservation of our cultural heritage across East Africa. One of such events is the annual Milege World Music Festival that brings together a variety of bands, dance groups, musicians, poets, fashion designers and other kinds of performers complimented by an assortment of recreational activities like boat rides, storytelling, forest walks and more. This year’s edition starts on the 25th of November and ends on the 27th. Check out some of their content and mark your calendar.

The Clansmen release the video for their first single “Onjagazaki”

A few weeks back, we hosted a new Ugandan Hip-Hop collective called The Clansmen (Benezeri, Chief, Jibo & KSL) for the premiere of their first single together as a group titled “Onjagazaki”. On that very night, they happened to be heading to Mukono later-on after the interview to shoot the final scene for that song and fast-forward to today, the video for “Onjagazaki” is out now. They did say that they are trying to bring an African touch to music that possesses urban elements and this is evident in the video whose scenery is largely Ugandan sub-urban neighbourhoods.

About last weekend on SNMS

Download and share:

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Pull Up – Voltage

[easy_media_download url=”″ text=”Download Mp3″ force_dl=”1″] Voltage Interview

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Break Out Download


Twijya – Fenrico Lugga ft Sagio Mhza, Truth

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Fenrico – Luggas – freestyle

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Patrobas Interview

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Road to CGOD download

Kent and Flosso are the 2 artists that form the dancehall duo Voltage. After 6 years in the Kawempe ghettos and 1 year of doing music professionally, the duo has landed a deal with the record label known as Sound Prints. They came through last Saturday and premiered their new song titled “Pull Up” with some crazy in-studio energy to compliment the track. They also told us more about their journey, the other tracks that they have released and the trip to Kenya that they’ll be embarking on soon to shoot the video for this song.

It had been over a year since Fenrico Lugga started trying to get his music on air and after a victory at the End Of The Weak hip-hop battle competitions, he participated in the most recent Hip-Hop Boot Camp by Youth and Hip-Hop Uganda. He eventually ended up on a track titled “Twijya” with Sagio Mhza and Truth which he officially premiered on the show last Saturday coupled with a mad on-air freestyle.

The Dustville Records rapper known as Patrobas had been quiet for a while and after having recently promised to put out an EP soon, he indeed made good on that promise and dropped the free 6-track release titled “Road to CGOD” in preparation for his mixtape titled “CGOD” that’s coming soon. He paid us a visit last Saturday and we had a chance to listen to a couple of tracks off the EP and talk more about the kind of music he wants to be doing, the pace at which he’s working and the overall climate in the Ugandan music industry in regard to Hip-Hop.

Check out the links above to download the songs, freestyles and snippets of the artist interviews.


Tonight on SNMS

What’s a Saturday without some new Ugandan music? Let’s not get into that. Its episode 259 and tonight we shall be joined by the duo Voltage as they premiere their new song “Pull Up”. The rapper Fenrico Lugga will also be on the show tonight to unveil the new track “Twijya”. Patrobas will be paying us a visit to officially give you a taste of the sound on his new EP titled “Road to CGOD”. We go live at 8PM on RadioCity 97FM and it is business as usual, strictly good music.

Kika Troupe puts a modern spin on Ugandan traditional performances

It goes without say that with each new generation that comes into this world, a little bit of our native cultural practices slowly die out. Cultural troupes in Uganda have always played a huge role in keeping people in touch with their heritage through performances of a variety of folk songs and traditional dances from the different tribes/ethnic groups in Uganda. Armed with their big drums and a wide range of other instruments, Kika Troupe has even gone a step further by creating original compositions that fuse elements of our native songs and dances like the Baksimba with other modern styles/genres of music such as Hip-Hop to bring out a product that is fresh and appeals to the younger generations too.

Check out the videos below for more information and a sample of what they do:

Patrobas drops the Road to CGOD EP

In recent years, the Ugandan Hip-Hop scene had a wave of new-comers that many looked at as part of the next generation of Ugandan rappers. One of the names that stood out amongst this new bunch was Patrobas. The budding rapper didn’t initially enjoy as much attention as some of the other names in this new wave but after a couple of well-received singles such as “256”, “My Flair” and “I Do This” both featuring A Pass, “Falling In Line” and “Grinding” featuring Martha Smallz plus a couple of energetic live performances like the one that shut down the common room at Uganda Martyrs University in Nkozi, there was no more room for doubt. After taking some time off, Patrobas is back with a 6-track EP titled “Road to CGOD” that he released for free yesterday in preparation for his forthcoming mixtape from Dustville Records titled CGOD.

You can download the EP via the link below, listen and share:

Get in touch with Patrobas on social media: @patrobas256 on Twitter and Patrobas on Facebook

Live music gradually invades the Ugandan urban music scene

Before we go any further, the word “live” in this case means “with a band”. A couple of years back, many Ugandan artists doing different genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae and Dancehall on the urban scene rarely performed with a band even when they were on the line-ups for numerous big concerts. Could it be that the rehearsals were too much of a hustle? We do not know. What we do know is that in recent times, a number of artists have adopted the “live” performance and below are some recordings from the Hip-Hop Unplugged shows by Uganda Lyricist Lounge at the Uganda National Cultural Centre that are worth a listen.

Download and share:

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Mwana Wa Baaba – GNL Zamba

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Uganda Yaffe – GNL Zamba

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Kikankane / Nyenye Ekyensuti Vs Get Lucky – MashUp Live – GNL Zamba

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Lady Slyke Jahlia – The Band Live Part I

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Lady Slyke Jahlia – The Band Live Part II

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Cyno MC & Agee Live

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Peter Ekulam

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Dance Theatre Uganda presents “Motion in Humanity”

When it comes to performance arts in Uganda, it’s safe to say that dance doesn’t get as much attention as other arts such as music except for the isolated cases at concerts where a couple of dancers backing up a musician occasionally present a less classy version. Never-the-less, dance remains a powerful art when it comes to expression/conveying messages, entertainment & generally impacting positively on society. This is something that Dance Theatre Uganda, a fraternity built on contemporary perception of dance with a strong concentration on traditional African ethics are aiming to prove in a performance dubbed “Motion in Humanity” at the Uganda National Cultural Centre (National Theatre) on Saturday 12th March from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

Check out the video below for a sample of what they do:

The Ntinda Vs. Rubaga Hip-Hop Mix

It goes without say that Hip-Hop in Uganda has been dominated by rappers from the urban district known as Kampala. It is also very evident that amongst most of the rappers from this area, the suburbs of Ntinda and Rubaga have stood out as some of the places with rappers putting out the best Hip-Hop tracks which eventually led to the question, “Which of the two suburbs produces the best Hip-Hop tracks?”. We decided to answer this question with a back-to-back DJ mix done by ThaDropout on the show last weekend. With The Mith, St. Nelly Sade, Pryce Teeba & Llyboc as Ntinda’s top representatives, and Navio, Big Tril, Tucker HD and Don MC as Rubaga’s top representatives, check out the mix below and judge for yourself:

Klear Kut premiere their new single “Let It Rain”

The Mith, Navio, JB, Papito & Langman collectively form one of Uganda’s premier Hip-Hop groups that’s more widely known as Klear Kut. After the success of albums like “Mind, Body & Soul” and “K2” that spawned a number of significantly acclaimed singles like “All I Wanna Know”, “Superstar” and “Mon Coeur/Murder of Crows” in the early 2000s, a couple of the members embarked on solo careers and the group went into a long hiatus. With only a handful of singles released a few years back, the group recently came out and officially premiered the new single “Let It Rain” off their forthcoming album “bEastAfrican” on the show, with Navio and The Mith telling us more about what the group has been up to, how they work and what’s next.

You can check out the track and a snippet of the interview below and don’t forget to share:

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Listen to the Interview here

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Let It Rain – Klear Kut

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Andy Muzic and the Buddiez team release new music

A.M.E. (short for Andy Muzic Empire) is the new label that the producer Andy Muzic has created and it already bears fruit in the form of two songs from him titled “Number One Lady” and “Gwagade Gwe” plus another single called “My Way” by Amanda with elements of Zouk, Dancehall and R&B that he officially released on the show last weekend. The producer also talked to us about his mission to make music in different styles that can be consumed as an alternative to foreign music, his live concert slated for September and a lot more.

You can listen to a little bit of it here, download the tracks and share them:

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Listen to the Interview here
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Gwagade Gwe – Andy Muzic Empire
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Number One Lady – Andy Muzic Empire
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My Way – Andy Muzic Empire

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