Patrobas releases the video for “Voice Inside”

The Ugandan Hip-Hop scene has seen a number of young, outstanding rappers emerge in the last 5 years to form the “Newskool”, with one of them being Patrobas. The Crane Gang rapper who has gained a reputation for having the ability to make a radio/club hit while consistently exhibiting lyrical prowess recently released a 6-track EP titled “Road to CGOD”.

The EP, which has been doing quite well with tracks like “Take It Easy” featuring A Pass already making the rounds on urban radio stations now has some video work to go push it even further. Patrobas has released a video for the closing track “Voice Inside” which features the growing R&B and Soul sensation, Abaasa.

“Voice Inside” is a song on which Patrobas talks about handling the various thoughts and feelings sparked by the desire to achieve his dreams as a musician, re-asserting that he isn’t lost but he’s instead following the prevailing inner voice that tells him to continue striving amidst all the challenges.

Abaasa lays down a simple and brief chorus on this one that doesn’t take the usual “repeated-catch-phrase” format. He also handles the production, giving the song a unique sound that is Hip-Hop with a blend of what resembles a slowed down Dancehall song and some complementary elements that feel House-influenced. It’s really in its own space.

Patrobas in the “Voice Inside” video.

The video, directed by Deaf Nick for Blank Projekt Media follows Patrobas as he takes a stroll down the streets in London with the glowing night lights from the buildings and bridges appearing in a very pronounced manner. The director also utilizes revolving techniques to capture the skyline behind him.

This video does a good job at channeling what is being said in the song as it focuses on Patrobas appearing to be deep in thought, bringing out the introspective element in the lyrics. It’s not really about extreme visually stimulating activity, like parties, dancing or racing cars, it’s just a guy taking a walk to have some time to himself to think.

The video concept is definitely in line with that of the song. Check it out and make it a point to share it.