Pryce Teeba – Nzikiriza (Recap #SNMS No. 283)

Pryce Teeba

Nzikiriza – Pryce Teeba ft. Abaasa
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Pryce Teeba freestyle
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After releasing his sophomore mixtape late last year, Pryce Teeba is keeping busy and after appearing on a couple of collaborations with his fellow N.T.M. rappers, Fasie and Benezeri, he is back to releasing more music.

He came through for the show last weekend to premiere his new single “Nzikiriza” featuring Abaasa off the “Kambajulire” mixtape. “Nzikiriza” which is Luganda for “accept me” is a mid-tempo love song that has an Afro-Beat rhythm with a less aggressive percussion/drum approach courtesy of production by Abaasa.

Pryce Teeba raps slow and steady in a consistent pattern throughout his verses, making his case for why the girl he’s interested in should take accept him. Abaasa sings the chorus and really goes in on the extra backing vocals crooning very passionately and putting on a performance that might be one of his best so far.

Pryce also told us a little bit about his plans for the future saying that he has about 7 tracks with Abaasa of a similar kind to “Nzikiriza” in the vault, plans for an EP with Baru and a couple of other tracks with different artists including the other N.T.M. rappers.

He also said that he’s planning on releasing an album sometime next year and that he has already come up with a concept/story for it. For those that only knew Pryce as a rapper, he also happens to be a skilled soccer player especially when it comes to playing midfield (precisely number 8).

We also got to find out that Pryce has slowly added songwriting to his skill set and that he has already written a couple of songs outside the Hip-Hop genre for other artists that will be coming out soon and he hopes to write even more.

As you wait for the bevy of tracks that he has in store for you including a collaboration with another Dustville artist called Cosine and another one with Ruyonga, check this one out and make sure you share it.