A quick look at Ceaserous video for “Dangerous”

One of the most trending names when it comes to the young kids on the Ugandan dancehall scene is Ceaserous without a doubt and he just recently released the official video for video for one of his latest singles, “Dangerous”.

“Dangerous”, which was produced by Levi sees Ceaserous expanding his trademark style that involves more bravado-filled raps on the verses and softer, more passionate crooning on the chorus that match perfectly with the bouncy nature of the combination the punch-filled kicks and string elements on this track.

The video for this song was shot by the multiple award nominated (and winning) director, Sasha Vybz and much as the bulk of its concept resembles a later template the director has adopted, he still manages to do some great work on it.

The video just like a number of others directed by Sasha Vybz features a number of shots in an outdoor yard party, with a campfire as part of the setting this time around. Ceaserous appears to be captivated by a beautiful light-skinned woman dressed in extremely skimpy denim shorts with brown curly hair.

He approaches her totally oblivious to the fact that she’s there with some other guys (that don’t look so friendly) and they head into the darkness of the woods. The video proceeds to show the two enjoying a later daytime date that involves quad-biking on a highway. Their adventures culminate in the bedroom where the not-so-friendly guys “cut the party short” before Ceaserous can get into any action.

I have to commend the director on the variety in color, from the African print shirts the people are donning, the props such as drums and turntables, to the constructed structures and vegetation captured in different shots. He also does a fair job playing around with the light, as he shuffles between semi-silhouette images and fully lit ones.

I’ve played this song a couple of times in the bars and it seems to go down well with the crowd (especially the girls), but as for the video, make sure you check it out, judge and share it.