A quick look at Vampino’s Smart Wire video

The longstanding Reggae/Dancehall artist Vampino seems to have his comeback in full swing. After having released his new single “Smart Wire” a couple of weeks ago, he has followed it up with the video which he said was about to be shot during the premiere of the single.

“Smart Wire” is a mid-tempo dancehall song produced by Andre on which Vampino delivers a lyrical performance packed with some clever wordplay, analogies and a bit of reminiscing. The song also came along with a signature dance that he said would be incorporated into the video.

The video for this single was directed by the renown videographer Cristiano Civitillo at One54 and takes on a concept that isn’t so new but isn’t that common in Uganda. It features Vampino as a boxer who takes on another opponent, occasionally taking some spectacular blows which brings some humor to the whole thing.

The standout moments in this video are the ones where the Partypipo Dance Crew does the “Smart Wire Dance” and complements it with a number of other moves of their own with Vampino joining them momentarily. The video also features cameos from a number of the older artists including Benon Mugumbya, Rabadaba and Cindy.


The video also seems to depict a certain undercurrent between Vampino, a pregnant lady that appears to be his woman and Cindy who is the other woman that is interested in him. Vampino and Cindy actually exchange looks that raise some questions.

It seems that a number of dancehall artists are slowly moving away from one of the common video templates for dancehall singles that is the club/party setting with girls dancing, and trying to fuse that into a larger parent concept.

To know how good a job Vampino did at executing this model, check out the video and don’t forget to share it.