Rabadaba releases his new single titled “Body”


Body – Rabadaba ft. Jody
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Rabadaba Interview
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When someone says the name Rabadaba, the first thing that comes to mind is the deafening screams that I would hear when the DJ dropped “Bwekiri” and everyone on the dance-floor (most of whom were breaking curfew) would start singing along word for word.

The then extremely wild dancehall artist went on to release his debut album “Musanvu Kitundu” which is luganda for 1:30 (AM in this case) and after releasing roughly 15 singles after that era of the Mukyamu’s, Mwami Sentama and Nsula Olunyilili, he enjoyed another peak with tracks like “Akokya” and “Love Potion” featuring Don MC but it still felt like he was on a hiatus.

Rabadaba is back in style and last weekend, he joined us on the show to premiere his new single called “Body” which was produced by Theweezy and features the Rwandese songstress Jody. “Body” is pure mid-tempo dancehall song with fat kicks and a very infectious thick bass track. This song is guaranteed to make people dance (not want to dance but dance).

He talked to us about the challenges of juggling music with acting since he got his debut TV role in the new local series “Beneath the Lies” and went on to say that much as music is his first love, he still wants to do a lot more acting and he feels his fairly talented when it comes to that field.

He also told us about the making of the song “Body” and how he had to push Jody to step out of her comfort zone/boundaries since back in her homeland, people are a little bit more conservative and some of the lyrics he want to her to drop on this song would put her in a difficult position. The two eventually managed to strike a middle-ground and come out with a potential year-long hit.

According to him, the video is being shot in 2 weeks and in my opinion, if this song is given the kind of massive promotion it deserves, it will definitely go down as one of the biggest songs in Uganda in 2017. Don’t say I didn’t tell you when that happens.