Radio & Weasel release the “Byagana” video

Ugandan artists are steadily mastering the art of making a good video and Radio & Weasel aren’t letting this train leave them behind. The highly versatile duo that has been involved in some really successful collaborations lately including two continental hits with Wizkid recently sought home talent, teaming up with the fast-rising Dancehall artist Ziza Bafana on a new single called “Byagana”.

Produced by Eli Arkhis with a tinge of Dancehall and some subtle strings in the back, the song “Byagana” is one where the artists continue to profess their love for a certain girl despite the fact that their attempts to woo her did not work.

Radio seems to only keep getting better with time as he delivers what might be one of his best choruses (be advised, they are many) plus a smooth verse, and Weasel together with Ziza Bafana come in with the more turbulent delivery that is common in Dancehall songs while still staying on the topic of being infatuated.

Radio & Weasel in the “Byagana” video.

The official video for this single is out now and just like the song, it is considerably laced with humor. The three artists are dressed in some neat blazers with white t-shirts under and gold chains topped off with some hats. They go on to deliver some wacky dance moves while on the rooftop of a tall building with the beautiful suburban skyline in the back captured by some horizontally sweeping camera shots.

Weasel plays the part of the guy that seduced the girl and drives around with her in a Mercedes convertible while Radio and Ziza Bafana each have their turn trying to talk to her. Radio pathetically chases after the car on foot while Bafana ups his game, pursuing the girl on a bicycle as she walks alone.

Radio and Ziza Bafana nearly end up in an altercation towards the end when they identify each other as competitors for the girl’s affection. The video is adequately colorful with some good camera work.

It seems Ugandan artists are not only learning how to make a video that looks good but are also learning how to make a video that is interesting to watch and yet doesn’t make use of many expensive props and fancy locations. This video is a good example so check it out and don’t forget to share it.