Reazy Rweazlar drops the “Weh Yuh Deh” video

The talented Reazy Rweazlar has been slowly climbing up the ladder when it comes to Ugandan Reggae/Dancehall music and it seems he’s still far from stopping. With a couple of successful singles to his name such as Ondobesa and Right Here, Reazy has gone on to collaborate with other artists including the rapper Benezeri on tracks like Made In UG and Ndiwabulijjo.

He recently released a new single called Weh Yuh Deh under Sound Prints, produced by Paul Shan which has been doing quite well. Weh Yuh Deh, which is in Jamaican Patois means “Where Are You”. It is purely a dancehall song made for people to dance/party to.

Reazy also goes ahead to talk about transitioning from being just another kid in the ghetto to making music that is reaching the masses, calling out those that doubted him as he chased his dream.

Ugandan dancehall artists have in the past not had it that easy trying to cross borders seeing as most of their would-be export countries already have a more thriving dancehall scene or do not consume the music that much. Reazy is already working to be an exception to this.

Reazy Rweazlar in the Weh Yuh Deh video.

Reazy Rweazlar

The video for this single, which was directed by Jowee Amio for Elap Eazzi/Radic is out now and it is already going as far as the continental TV charts. Though not big on scenery, the video isn’t short on video vixens and dancers.

Reazy also puts on a good performance, one that would lead you to believe that he was on stage in front of a large crowd. Credit goes to the editors for applying the after-effects strategically and not littering them all over the video.

If you like dancehall music, this song will always get you in the mood to party so go download it, watch the video and share it.