Sal’s Picks – Oct 2016

October saw less audio releases in UG urban music than I wanted. I ALWAYS want more but I was told that it’s probably because artists are busy booking end of year gigs and thus spend less time in studio.

Let’s quickly run through the 2 or 3 songs that rose above the rest from last month’s releases.

BODY – Rabadaba & Jody
: The song didn’t hit me on first listen but on the second, I noticed the catchy beat it has. Real groovy. Well done THE WEEZY but then again, he is a great producer. We are used to a more rough and energetic Rabadaba than who we got in this song.
Rabadaba -Jody

TWO III – Chief : This song is the true definition of urban in my opinion. I love it. A lot! Great beat, amazing flow and ok lyrics. Although we should start a campaign to have Chief change his name. The name makes it hard to find him when you are looking for him online.
Download Two-111

TOMBAWALA – TLT (The Lyricist team) : A composition of underground rappers. Catchy chorus. Notice I wrote the title as one even when they are two words? I have a reason but I won’t say.
Download Tomba Wala

OMUTIMA – Toniks : This is my favorite song from last month. Plus, it was also produced by THE WEEZY. A kind of different production. It has an EDM and afro fusion. I like it. Had been a minute since we heard from Toniks. Glad to have him back. And he put together very easy and catchy lyrics.

SAMPLE – Voltage & Nutty Neithan : The combination in itself is amazing so you know what the song is all about. Both voltage and Nutty Neithan are growing on me. The song has the right tempo. Groovy and the lyrics are easy as well. It might be the most successful song out of the bunch from October. Just watch.

A pass: Well he released about 8 songs last month. 7 of which were released in 7 days! Great initiative. Go listen to them and tell me what you think. Some are good. some are just alright. The ones I like though are DADDY, TULO and ORUSO

Let us wait for November. However busy these artists are, we need more music. Please!