Sandy Soul – Mercedes (Recap #SNMS No. 271)

Sandy Soul

Mercedes – Sandy Soul
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Sandy Soul Interview
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The R&B and Soul scene in Uganda is buzzing with a lot of young talent and amongst them is an outstanding lady called Sandy Soul. She joined us last weekend on the show to officially premiere her single “Mercedes”.

Sandy Soul on “Mercedes”.

“Mercedes” is a song about a girl who promises her boyfriend that she’ll never leave him but when they leave the village and she gets a taste of the fancy life, she forgets all about him. It addresses the ever growing level of materialism amongst many women of today who will show no interest in a man until he “flashes”.

The song was produced by David Mukalazi with Ernest Otim on the bass (which played a significant role in making the track really enjoyable)

Sandy Soul performs excellently on this one, managing to bring out the emotions of the other party (the guy in the relationship) which is quite tricky, and does so while switching between English and Luganda with a little spoken-word piece of sorts.

Just before the interview, Sandy Soul was doing a gig at Yasigi Beer Garden and when we sat down with her, she told us about how she’s trying to do more work off stage so as to strike a balance between her achievements as a recording artist and as a live performer.

She elaborated what means to work with a band and how it’s not just about trying to be “cool” but actually has a lot to do with discovering and understanding each other’s qualities as musicians and working towards enhancing them.

She also told us that she is working on an album with tracks like “Baliba Bambuuza”, “Musaiza Weika”, “Kangeende Mukyaalo” and “Baby” already confirmed. She has also done work for films and TV including some music in the film “New Intentions” and season 5 of “The Hostel”.

Sandy Soul will be performing at the LaBa! Arts Festival on the 11th of June and she also has a show in August where she’ll be showcasing her talent in other disciplines including poetry, visual arts, photography etc. as part of a campaign against skin bleaching.