Santana Karma – Show Me The Way (Recap #SNMS No. 266)

Santana Karma

Santana Karma – Show Me the Way (Cover)

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The 100 Acres duo made up of Santana Karma and Glen Fame were on the show with us last Saturday to share a song done by Santana as a tribute to the late Papa Wemba. Santana has been quite busy, with his latest single being “Silina Kyemanyi” whose video you can watch here. He shared with us some light memories about growing up listening to Papa Wemba’s music and how it made covering “Show Me the Way” easy.

The tribute song was produced by Nicoz at Alkatraz records and features vocals from both artists.

We also caught up on what the duo has been up to in the past few months in regard to their music and personal lives. The 100 acres duo just signed up with new management known as Alkatraz, having been caught up with side businesses and new family members (read “Babies”) that made self-management difficult.

Santana Karma’s life outside music.

Fatherhood seems to have taken over the artists’ lives seeing as Santana, who is also into farming, is a father of a 5 months-old baby girl and Glen Fame, who no longer has dreadlocks, is a father to a 2 year-old. Their manager Kim, is also a father to a 3 months-old baby Liam that graced the studio as well making her the youngest person on SNMS.

I have to say, not many people have achieved the kind of connection that baby Liam and Mister Deejay had on the show, it was like they had known each other for years.

Anyway, back to the music, I loved the song and as usual Santana complimented it with his hilarious but articulate lyrics on the verses blending in with Papa Wemba’s memorable and warm vocals. You can listen to the song below, let us know what you think and share it as much as you can.

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