September 2016 UG Urban Music Roundup

Urban Music

By now you must be used to these monthly round-ups and now that we are 10 days into October, you must be yearning for this write up know we are going to talk about what UG urban music looked like in September, Yes? Yes.

In numbers, September looked a lot like August with a few audio releases and even fewer videos. Let’s just get into it.

KELEWA – VOLTAGE X MEAKU ; This is one of my favorite songs from September. Usually I don’t like artists that do a complete turn-around with their sound but I appreciate this song even if Voltage moved from heavy dancehall to slow tempo afrobeat (Mister Deejay doesn’t agree that this is Afrobeat. Let us not mind him). Plus, this song features one of my personal best RnB voices from an African, Meaku. Love his voice, love this song.

ESSAWA – A PASS ; Rumor has it that A Pass wakes up in the morning, goes to studio and makes music all day then goes to sleep after. I guess that explains his numerous releases. It also explains why his music does well. He puts in time and work. ESSAWA is one of those that he released last month. The verses are more appealing if you ask me. But the chorus is catchy. I have hit the replay button more than once on this one.

NO APOLOGIES – AJO & ESSIE ; Apart from the over-cursing in Ajo’s verses that would make some radio stations not play this song and the fact that in some way I feel like I am listening to TYGA, I think this song is brilliant. It is definitely urban music, has great production, unexpected punch lines and it has Essie! My favorite song from September when it comes to UG urban music without question.

FARMER (RMX) – YKEE BENDA & SHEEBAH ; It has become a thing to like all songs that have Sheebah in them. Whether you want to or not. She brings something unexplainable to every song! However holy you are, the lyrics to this song make you think of very naughty, unclean, groping-type-of things.

NYONGERA – MAURICE KIRYA & VAMPINO ; I am sure a high percentage of Ugandan music lovers have waited for this collaboration for quite a while. The Kirya brothers. Well, the song was released last month. The second I received it, I dropped everything I was doing to listen to it. Sigh. The song isn’t bad but I wanted more (Pun intended) Maurice Kirya did not disappoint with his voice and it feels like this was his song but he called his brother to at least do a minute. Vampino seemed uninspired on this song. The Vampino we are used to did not show up on this day. The production however was great.

ROCK CITY GAL – KEINOH & TUCKER HD ; So, Tucker gave us the expected… and more! He opened the song and his verse was as captivating as he intended it to be. Very likely that this is my favorite verse of the whole year! Strong. Keinoh did not do a bad job either especially with the language switches but I think he should rap more to get recognition and mileage. Also, the production of this song was top notch.

#1 SPICE – YOUNG CARDAMOM & HAB ; This is actually from the official soundtrack to Queen of Katwe, the movie. First time I heard it, it was OK. Then I listened again and I have to say, the creativity that went into this song is way up there. I got to appreciate it. A lot. I love it. Now I find myself singing “Bring the favor to the fish, bring the favor to the rice” (I really hope those are the correct lyrics) Catchy!

There were some more songs that were released that unfortunately did not make it to the list most likely because I did not hear them.

As for the videos, Vampino released SMART WIRE, Benezeri released Ndiwabulijjo RMX with the crew and Jah Brixman released Mwagala. You can also find all these songs here.

October, please be good to us. Let us see more UG urban music videos. Please.

Written by Salmah