Sheebah releases the “Kisasi Kimu” video

When it comes to the songs that people want to dance to in the club, Sheebah is one of the few female artists that have dominated the list for quite a while now. She is one of the newer artists that doesn’t really struggle with making a crossover hit that will play on both the urban English radio stations and the other Luganda stations too.

She has a new single called “Kisasi Kimu” out now and it fits the description above properly. Written by Dokta Brain and produced by Wani, the song makes use of a slightly less hard-hitting approach, focusing more on the addition of sounds that aren’t usually the core of today’s average Ugandan dancehall-themed track such as trumpets.

This song also sees Sheebah relying on more skillfully written lyrics, a component that usually puts those that excel at it in a league above their peers. The video for this song is out now and just like the title “Kisasi Kimu” which is Luganda for “one bullet”, its concept is quite synonymous with the song title.

Shot and produced by Sasha Vybz for Savy Filmz, it is set in a large dusty clearing that appears to be a construction site in its earliest stage. There’s a group of people dressesd in camouflage military uniforms with guns who happen to be Sheebah’s troops and rejoice when she arrives in a vintage Mercedes Benz stepping out in full military attire (the sexy version) with aviator shades, a beret and a septum piercing.


She is being targeted by assassins with sniper gear who are later captured just like the lyrics say about her being hard to challenge or even defeat. She employs a number of female dancers who I have to commend for the trademark move that is synchronized with the cock and gunshot sound effects at the beginning of the chorus.

A lot of the dancers in music videos these days don’t have much to offer in both creativity and performance but at least these ones had something of their own that wasn’t borrowed from a Jamaican dancehall video.

Go check out the video and share it with the next person.