Shirley May releases the video for “Grindin On”

It’s always good seeing a lady trying her luck in a male-dominated field such as Hiphop in Uganda and that is exactly what Akeso Shirley a.k.a. Shirley May is doing. After spending some good time as a dancer and going as far as being part of the Extreme Media Dance Group with other acts like Nutty Neithan, she eventually decided to get into the studio, working with the producer JT of Yego Productions on a song called “Holy Music”.

With school and a lot of other things pressuring her, she did not manage to see that song go as far as she hoped but after two years, she has decided to take another swing at it. Shirley May recently got to work at Chord Flow Studios with the producer KingzLuvin and came out with two new singles titled “Weekend Paree” and “Grindin On”.

“Grindin On” is all about the hustle better yet the kind of life someone has got to live to make a living for his or her family, to make ends meet at the end of the day, says Shirley May.

Shirley May in the “Grindin On” video.

The video for the song is out now and it is just in line with the message in the song. Handled by C Media Filmz with Oris Reason on the camera and Doug 256 directing, they make use of a CCCC road construction site as the main location.

You can see Shirley May and her colleague, Fenrico Lugga using some of the tools and doing some heavylifting while dressed in overalls, reflective vests and had hats. The video also has some amazing drone shots.

Shirley May is still finding her footing but it is evident that she is carefully selective when it comes to her concepts. Check out the video and share it with the next person.