SNMSLive EP01 – Rock City Gal by Keinoh

As you probably know by now, we like to promote Ugandan urban music both on and off air and most recently on the show, we had some new music from a new rapper from Rubaga called Keinoh. He teamed up with fellow Rubaga rapper Tucker HD and the dancehall singer/producer Gamit for a single called “Rock City Gal”.

The song “Rock City Gal” was inspired by Keinoh’s girlfriend who happens to be from the rock city (Tororo) and on this one, he raps in three different languages including two local ones.

As part of the whole premiere, we had them feature on an episode of our SNMSLive video extras with DJ Slaughter Elly and myself (ThaDropout) for a chance to see the whole project in another light. On this particular episode, we have all three of them involved in a game of chance where they have to follow through with the resulting music-related challenge.

In these episodes, you will get a chance to see the other side of the artists and how they showcase their skills on a vehicle that isn’t their recorded release but rather a more abrupt and improvised situation.

Keinoh is currently working on an EP and he has another single out called “To the Beat” which features Janet and Hidden Empire’s Rodn3y and Race T. Just to let you in on a couple of things you didn’t know about Keinoh, when he’s not doing music, he works as a graphics designer.

He also once decided to do a break-dance routine back when he was in F.2 in a bid to get a certain girl’s attention.

Check out the video, share it and feel free to let us know some of the things you’d like to see on the show. We shall be bringing you a new episode every Wednesday so be on the look-out for that.