SNMSLive EP02 – The Njogereza Story (Navio Live)

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By now you probably know that last Friday, the veteran rapper Navio had his “Njogereza” concert at the Garden City Rooftop and seeing as he is one of the biggest names in Ugandan Hip-Hop, the show definitely attracted a lot of attention and by the time it was done, there were numerous questions to be answered.


Now unlike a lot of other people who trade in rumors and speculation, we like to have an informed opinion before we speak so DJ Slaughter Elly and I (ThaDropout) went for the concert and we decided to bring back a little piece for you to check out and get a feel of what actually went down.

As much as I’d like to narrate the whole experience and tell you the color of Navio’s undershirt when he stepped on stage, I won’t do that exactly. I will however give you a brief assessment of the events in a few outlined points:

First things first, much as the concert had a number of trending non-Hip-Hop artists on the lineup, it is safe to conclude that the bulk of the many people that turned up (yes, they were very many, believe it or not) were actually considerably interested in seeing as many Hip-Hop acts on stage as possible.

Navio performed just about his entire set while backed by a live band which for me puts him up there seeing as many Hip-Hop artists rarely stage a live performance that isn’t just the beat playing on the speakers as they mumble a few of their lyrics and try to get the crowd to sing the larger part of the song.

I could go on about how well Navio connected with the crowd, the numerous moments where the crowd really got into the songs, the beat-boxing, the dancing etc. but words aren’t enough to paint the picture vividly so check out the video and share it with the next person.