SNMSLive EP04 – Drink Party Series with O.P.U.

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The highly versatile rapper O.P.U. has been slowly getting back onto the music scene having released the single “Arua Girl” a while ago with support from his new partners, Thunderbolt Productions in the build-up to the release of his debut album “Half Street Half Corporate”.

Around the end of 2015, O.P.U. released a considerably successful single called “Drink Party” which he has now decided to turn into a larger theme called the “Drink Party Series”. This is going to be a series of events where O.P.U. and a number of other pre-dominantly Hip-Hop acts will be performing their music and making a selection of their other products available for sale.


The proceeds from these events will be going to Project R.I.C. (Reading Is Cool) whose first major goal is to refurbish the library at East Kololo Primary School and cater for a librarian to run it. The first of these events will be going down this Friday at Big Mikes starting at 7PM. There will be performances from Pryce Teeba, J.C. Muyonjo, Wonder, Adrenaline, DJ Slugface and a number of other acts with UG Hip-Hop merchandise on sale.

Now in this 4th episode of our video podcast, we invited O.P.U. for a little drinking game and put a catch on the results. There was a lot of drinking, winning and losing but to know what really went down, you’ll have to check out the video and find out for yourself.

A good number of you have mastered the art of drinking for no apparent reason but it would definitely be good to #Drink4ACause and get tipsy knowing that your actions are going to impact positively on the lives some young people in Uganda.

O.P.U. has always maintained that he wouldn’t do music without seeing it benefit society in ways beyond the entertainment value and this is just the beginning of his journey along this line so make the Drink Party Series your end of month plan/your Friday plan this week and support his work.