SNMSLive EP05 – Keko’s Strides

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It’s safe to say that in regard to Keko and her music career, retirement can wait. That talk was already fading when she announced an event to serve as a release party for her mixtape “Love from Venus” and made good on that promise around the beginning of June.

At the time, she had said that it would be her last project but it seems she was still sitting on a lot of product. Keko has now released a full-length album titled “Strides” that is available for purchase here. The 11-track album has a number of singles that some of you might already be familiar with such as “Let Me Go”, “Naughty”, “See Ya” and “Fly Solo”.


It also has some later, equally exquisite tracks such as “Tell Me” and “Move Your Body”. The album’s direction is more along the lines of a party/dance mood while also addressing themes of love and the pursuit of one’s dreams in an elated manner that is occasionally becomes introspective.

The album also does well at pushing the envelope sonically, especially when it comes to the synthetic non-percussive elements of the melodies on different songs and the way they progress over the entire length of the song.

Keko joined us for a listening session of the album on the show last weekend and after her on-air interview, we had a brief chat with her about a couple of things outside the music for this episode of the SNMSLive video podcast.

For a glimpse at the off-stage Keko, an insight on her other day-to-day projects, her opinion on an assortment of current affairs in Uganda and some heart-warming anecdotes about her experiences at different points in her life, check out this video, share it with your fellow Kekonians and don’t forget to buy her album, and mixtape too.