SNMSLive EP06 – Radiocity’s KIU Freshers’ Ball

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The university semesters started a while ago (which means the party season is here) and Radiocity has been heavily involved this time around. Last weekend, DJ Slaughter Elly and I headed to Radiocity’s KIU Freshers’ Ball at the Kampala International University campus in Kansanga and I have to say, we had a couple of surprises.

There were lots of people at the event and when we found out that the artists slated to perform were going on stage before our sets, we wanted to gauge how much they fired up the crowd and see whether the energy would maintained when they left and it was time for our sets.

After a couple of the usual less-known curtain-raising acts were done, I got on the decks and the highly energetic Roden Y of the “Kabbako” and “Ndeku” fame stepped on stage and went so crazy even the fans that were singing along to the chorus couldn’t keep up with him. He vibrated and stomped the stage so hard that my laptop nearly fell off the stand.

Just when I was starting to think that this was the highlight of the night and that it couldn’t be topped, Sheebah stepped on stage and the screams got even louder as she unpacked most of her later hits, gyrated and even did a near-full length acapella version of one of her songs while constantly moving across the stage with a bossy demeanor.

Coco Finger also did a nostalgia-inducing set filled with a good number of the first hits of his career plus a couple of newer cuts that have a lot of potential while backed by a flock of rowdy male dancers. When the artists got done, I handed over to DJ Slaughter Elly and as they say, the rest is history. If you want to know how mad the party was, check out this video and make sure you share it with your friends. Big thanks to Radiocity for the support.