[VIDEO] SNMSLive EP08 – Rabadaba’s advice on girls

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For those that don’t know yet, the longstanding dancehall artist Rabadaba is staging a fully-fledged come back after being quiet for a while as he concentrated on acting. Last week, he joined us on the show to premiere his latest single called “Body” which features a singer called Jody.

“Body”, which was produced by Theweezy contains lyrics that make it obvious that Rabadaba is trying to woo a certain girl by drowning her in compliments. He told us that the video for this song it to be shot two weeks after the official premiere of the song but before Rabadaba gets in front of that camera, we made sure he got in front one of ours for a challenge.

Keeping in line with the song’s lyrical content, we asked Rabadaba about how to approach a girl who is on the dance-floor if you want to dance with her or talk to her, basically the dos and don’ts. He proceeded to break it down for us, explaining how there are different types of girls and that each type requires a different approach.

From what we can tell, and through his own admission, we came to learn how Rabadaba has evolved as a person after the experiences he has been through during his hiatus and how this has manifested in his music. The formerly wild artist is now a little bit more laid-back and much as he still has his throwback moments, even the way he delivers the lyrics on his track is more relaxed and refined with occasional singing incorporated into the whole performance.

This new single is set to serve as the opener for the campaign to his forthcoming album which he said he hopes to release at some point in 2017. Rabadaba made a reputation off of having some of the most unique and well-constructed lyrics in his rhymes and he still is that way. Check out the track and make sure you share it.