SNMSLive EP03 – Ugandan Music Trivia

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A lot of us like to talk about Ugandan music, praising it, dissing it and so on. But how well do we really know Ugandan music? From album titles to composition and production credits, a lot of the information worth knowing when it comes to any Ugandan artist’s work is often ignored seeing as the fans are usually more hell-bent on debating things such as how big of a hit a particular song is, whether the artist actually owns his/her cars and who is sleeping with who.

DJ Slaughter Elly and I have been doing a video podcast whose episodes are available every Wednesday with episode 1 and 2 already out. This time around, we decided to do something that would give us a chance to share with you a few things that we know about Ugandan music that might seems so obvious but actually aren’t common knowledge.

To put a little twist to it, we chose to incorporate the whole thing into a game and as you watch us play, we’d like you to join in from wherever you’ll be watching this and participate in the trivia too so you can test yourself and see how conversant you are with Ugandan music. If you happen to be watching it with a friend, get them to join in too.

The challenge involves both old and new material so this is as much of a current affairs lesson as it is a history lesson. On top of facts about the music, your knowledge of song lyrics will also be tested. If there are any other things you’d like to know about Ugandan music, please feel free to drop your question in the comment section and we’ll take care of you but for now, check out the video, share it with a friend and play the game too.