SNMSLive VIDEO: JC Muyonjo – If we Try

SNMS VIDEO: JC Muyonjo - If we Try

Ladies and Gents, our very first SNMSLive video: JC Muyonjo – If we Try.

The UG urban music scene is complex.

It is well known to us here in Uganda that we don’t have a characteristic “sound” like they do in other parts of Africa (at least not one we like to publicly acknowledge – kidandali anyone?).

We regard countries that do (Nigeria and South Africa in particular) with a touch of envy in this regard and we see this lack of character as a symptom of the one of that absolute worst of Ugandan traits: that we are copycats, not innovators.

This, we say, is why we have all these patois-speaking dancehall artists who’ve only seen Jamaica on their TVs. And all these where-Brooklyn-at rappers with confusing New-York-via-Kawempe accents.

Whether or not that’s true is a debate for more intelligent people than I. I, instead, prefer to look at the situation from another angle.

You see, the fact that we are such good “copycats” means that whatever your musical taste, you will find a Ugandan that makes it.

And makes it well!

Step up to the stage Mr JC Muyonjo.

He, like many UG urban artists, started his musical journey in church, and his music can be probably be best described as Afro-Soul – although with all of today’s genre-blending, who knows what that means.

SNMSLive VIDEO: JC Muyonjo – If we Try

“If we try” is smooth, it’s mellow and in case you thought all music these days is bend-over-n-show-me-how-you-twerk, it carries a message.

Watch the video for more.

This SNMSLive video is something we hope to do a bit more of here. Because we are such a mixture of styles in UG, our artists need as much help pushing good songs as we can give them.

Download the video (using the link underneath the video) and share with your friends, especially the UG urban music skeptics.

Let’s let the world know that although we may not have a characteristic sound here in Uganda, we have plenty of style. 🙂