Solome Basuuta – Can We Stay (Recap #SNMS No. 281)


Can We Stay – Solome Basuuta

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Solome Interview

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Solome Basuuta has had a firm grip on striking the middle-ground between traditional gospel music styles and the entertaining elements of contemporary R&B and Soul. After having a full-on solo concert last year along with the release of an 11-track album titled “TheSongLove” and a Christmas show, she’s already back to putting out more music.

Last weekend, she paid us a visit on the show to premiere her new single “Can We Stay” and we had a chat about a number of things. Produced by Fred Wallace at First Love Studio, “Can We Stay” has a laidback vibe with some subtle but intricate guitar loops courtesy of Fred Wallace himself.


On this song, Solome sings about that early time in the relationship that is filled with love and intimacy, laying down lyrics such as “can we stay here, baby stay in this first time”. During the interview, she told us that this song is the first off an upcoming project called “Song of Solome: Chapter 1”.

She said she intends to do about three chapters exploring the different times in a relationship and a little bit beyond that, with the first chapter focusing on the initial good times, the second focusing on the turbulent times and the third focusing on themes along the lines of women empowerment and abstinence.

She also says she plans to release the first chapter early next year and also intends to stage a Lovers’ Night on the 1st of October this year where she will be performing some of the songs from this upcoming project in a more serene setting.

Just in case you were only familiar with Solome the singer, you should know that she has a number of interesting skills outside making music that include baking, acting and dancing. She has also been involved in charity projects under the Rotary Club. Solome has been passionate about performing arts for a while now, having once stolen her mum’s Gomesi/Busuuti for a performance at her school on M.D.D. day, something that got her some good strokes of a cane.

Now that you’ve fairly brushed up on your knowledge about Solome, download the song and make sure you share it.