Sonny Soweez – Tribulationz (Recap #SNMS No. 273)

Sonny Soweez

Tribulationz – Sonny Soweez
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Sonny Soweez Interview
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Casually defining herself as someone who likes to sing on Hiphop beats, Sonny Soweez is slowly establishing herself as a force to reckon with amongst the newcomers on the Ugandan R&B scene.

After appearing on several tracks by her fellow members of the new school in Hiphop like “UG on My Chest II” featuring Tucker HD and Benny Black, “Love Story” by St. Nelly Sade and more recently, Play01’s “Everything”, she continued with her solo efforts.

With her single “Pieces” that features Tucker HD already out, she set out to work on an EP of the same name and after a while, she is back with a new single called “Tribulationz”.

Sonny Soweez

Sonny Soweez on “Tribulationz”.

Produced by Baru, the song is of a more minimalist nature, mainly comprised of Sonny’s vocals and keys, with the drums kicking when there are only 34 seconds left. It is an approach that Sonny took intentionally to have people focus more on the lyrics and the message in the song.

The song was written as one to give hope and preach a message of perseverance and endurance when facing hard times, after Sonny experiencing some trying times of her own while working at Mulago hospital.

Sonny also told us that she has been working on another R&B song called “Hold Me” that is going to be on the “Pieces” EP, citing her pursuit of degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technologies (which she has now completed) as one of the factors that had forced her to release music at a much slower pace.

She says she intends to use the EP as a way of showing the fans her ability to make music in different genres hence the title “Pieces” and that she also plans on doing more live performances. She also told us that she has been learning how to play the guitar for about two years now.

Now that Sonny Soweez is done with her studies, we hope she release music more frequently but for now, listen, download and share the song.